Premio Combat Prize

Winners of Combat Prize 2018 - Premio Combat Prize

Winners of Combat Prize 2018

The ninth edition of the PREMIO COMBAT PRIZE came to an end on Saturday, July 14, in the spectacular gilded setting of the Sala degli Specchi in the Museo Giovanni Fattori of Livorno, proclaiming the winners.

The jury Andrea Bruciati, Francesca Baboni, Lorenzo Balbi, Federica Chiocchetti, Stefano Taddei e Walter Guadagnini has selected as the winner of the Painting section Caterina Silva with the work "Agosto" for the following reason: Substantial painting that winks at international trends, unfolding across fullness and emptiness and able to balance out abstraction and figuration. Matter is solidly de-structured and all perception of sense is lost in favor of liberating the subconscious.
Jury special mention to Adelisa Selimbasic.

For the Photography section, the winner is the collective Discipula with the work "How Things Dream: Morpheus, OMA Ad 03". Discipula offers a work that can unite a reflection on the photographic practice and, at the same time, on the impact of new technologies on society and our lifestyles. In fact, the work starts from make-believe: it is based on the presumption of the reality of photography to offer the viewer a credible image of an inexistent present. At the same time, this pretense, also borrowed from sci-fi imagery, highlights the pervasiveness of social control innate in the use and, above all, abuse of data on the part of large industries born and bred on new technologies. A virtual reality that has intimate ties to the everyday reality of each one of us, expressed with a photographic language that, by now, has reached its maturity.
Jury special mention to Valentina Vannicola.

For the Graphic Art section the jury awards Navid Azimi Sajadi for the work "Untitled" for the skill in effectively and succinctly joining Islamic lay ideology, Greek/Latin culture, and Western symbolic elements. A fascinating dialogue between different points of view, which entails the use of classic iconography related to references that concern contemporary conflicts.
Jury special mention to Marta Colombo.

For the Sculpture/Installation section the jury awards Lia Cecchin with the work "Dada Poem (22 missed calls)" for having joined the languages and forms of contemporaneity in an effective manner, thus achieving new narrations and creating both a hybrid and chameleon-like sculptural work.
Jury special mention to Penelope.

Finally, the award for the Video section goes to Shahar Marcus for her work "Homecoming artist (Dresden)" for an incisive investigation, poised between socially codified codes, that strives to be a bastion of control and reference of individuals towards distracted collectivity, in times of widespread aesthetics and in very strident circumstances of post-politics.
Jury special mention to Thaumatrope.

As far as special awards are concerned, the “Fattori Contemporaneo” prize, which consists in a solo exhibition at the Museo Fattori during the 2019 events program, is given to Ruth Beraha for the following reason: for the skill in interpreting through her work the urgency of the contemporary world and the themes of artistic representation in a new and unique way by displaying solidity and diversity in her investigation.

Finally, for the new prize ART TRACKER, where four artists under 35 will be part of the LUCCA ART FAIR 2019 events for a new curating project, the winners are: Stefano Bazzano, Maddalena Tesser, Paolo Alberto Peroni and Francesco Levy.


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This is the list of the 80 artists who have been shortlisted for the ninth edition of PREMIO COMBAT PRIZE and the recommended artists list who will be published on the catalogue.

Selection held by: Andrea Bruciati, Francesca Baboni, Lorenzo Balbi, Federica Chiocchetti, Stefano Taddei e Walter Guadagnini.









Recommended artists from the jury

The recommended artists by the jury will be published on the catalogue.