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Vasilis Goumas - Premio Combat Prize

OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Pittura

 | Prometheus (The beggining of human kind).

Prometheus (The beggining of human kind).
acrylic,coloured pencil., pure linen.
252 x 146 cm.

Vasilis Goumas

nato/a a Ελλάδα
residenza di lavoro/studio: Athens, GREECE

iscritto/a dal 04 mag 2019

Under 35

visualizzazioni: 376


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 | Heavens

acrylic,coloured pencil., pure linen.
203 x 146 cm.

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Vasilis Goumas born in Athens, Greece, in 1991.
He ranked first (1st) in the University Entrance Exams for the Athens School of Fine Arts and was the top student entering the School with a specialization in Painting from which he graduated with honours in 2015. He, also, attended the Sculpture Workshop, and he studied engraving in Engraving A΄ Studio under Professor Mary Shinas.
From an early age, he had always been inclined to paint, draw and sculpture. During his childhood, he had always been fascinated by certain masterpieces of Great Painters. Moreover, the true motivation lied in his own house. In other words, his mother is a visual artist and he was always influenced by her artistic presence. His work is mainly based on both memory and immortality of the human being. Through his pieces of art which belong to a larger selection of his, the viewers are able to witness the balance provided in the creating of the painting between the elements of the water effects and the main figure which is illustrated. While he uses a variety of materials and processes in each of my projects such as acrylic inks, mainly pencil or coal, he is inclined to believe that his methodology is consistent. Furthermore, there are material similarities between the different projects as they are linked by recurring patterns which are inspired by old photos that he came across during his research regarding both the Victorian and the Edwardian era.
Overall, his paintings can be defined as a shelter to the people that have been deprived of time.