Premio Combat Prize

Tatja - Premio Combat Prize

OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Scultura/Installazione

 | Deepwater talisman

Deepwater talisman
hanging metal sculpture (9kg), handmade: combined wire, steel wire & metal sheets, finishing: galvanisation, polishing & chemical protection +hanging chain, extra light
195cm x190cm x 35cm


nato/a a Belgrade
residenza di lavoro/studio: Belgrade, SERBIA

iscritto/a dal 12 apr 2019

visualizzazioni: 607


Altre opere

 | Pterophyllum Scalare -  BIG FISH serial

Pterophyllum Scalare - BIG FISH serial
hanging metal sculpture, handmade: combined wire, steel wire & metal sheets, finishing: galvanisation, polishing & chemical protection
190cm x 175cm x3 5cm

 | Fetish - Cinderella 21stC

Fetish - Cinderella 21stC
metal sculpture, handmade: combined wire, steel wire & metal sheets, finishing: galvanisation, polishing & chemical protection
dim of one piece approx. 30cm x 20cm x 11cm

 | Time

metal sculpture, steel wire & bronze
40cm x 28cm x 18cm

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Information technology immanently decreases the time and the space, therefore: “Does art-sculpture, as well as technology, achieve its perfection as immaterial – invisible…or somehow along the process of space & time compression?”
I am intrigued by the questionable position of contemporary art, especially of the artistic discipline of sculpture, in our over designed empire of informatics, where the contemporaneous products incline to invisibility. How do we perceive naked reality due to consequences of the constant acceleration for human sensory perception? My work originated around this question.
Fish have been a huge inspiration for my work for their privilege of direct and complete experience of their surroundings, (their space and time) an experience that is increasingly fading for human kind… The presence of a hanging metal form resembling of the giant fish, changes the experience of the surrounding space for the observer, taking him to the underwater world, making him aware of its own breath…
By giving special attention to the interplay of light, material (metal/wire), volume and the absence of the mass, I want to achieve maximum of transparency and illumination, a form which appears as imaginary, as an idea, a glance of a moment... The piece is handmade, directly modeled in metal, constructed as a 3D drawing with strong and tensed form, composed of infinite number of cuts and knots. The process of building the sculpture by hand takes a few months. Final appearing effect is achieved by galvanization of the finished sculpture and polishing of the solid metal parts. The weight of the piece is up to 10kg, so it is easy to hang it from the ceiling using metal chins as an integrative part of the sculpture. The chain instead of invisible cord underlies the material nature of the fish appearance, opposite to its strong resemblance of hologram.
Tatjana Jakovljevic (b.1972. Belgrade) graduated sculpture and completed master studies at Faculty of Applied Arts, Art University of Belgrade and created a number of architectural sculptures on facades of buildings in the center of Belgrade. Her work has been developing through the practice of sculpture, with significant influence of previous architectural studies which initiated interest not only for the formal approach to the artistic discipline of sculpture, but for the subject of space in general. It encompasses classical, architectural sculpture, different experiments within the domain of sculptural concept, as well as theoretical and practical study of 3D (sculptural) form.
Theoretical research she began, as a lecturer at American University in Dubai, and continued through PHD dissertation at University of Barcelona investigating development of public sculpture on the international art scene at the beginning of 21st century, the question of historical discontinuity within the development of this artistic discipline and evolution of its role and function…
Tatjana Jakovljević Studio
insragram: tatja_art
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