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Suresh Babu Maddilety

nato/a a Medukurthy
residenza di lavoro/studio: Hyderabad, INDIA

iscritto/a dal 04 mag 2019

visualizzazioni: 442


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I am a multidisciplinary artist. My practice investigates the relationship between cyclic models of the Big Bang and my unconscious creative patterns.
The central concepts behind my work take inspiration from the Big Bang theory, and more recent developments of this notion within Conformal Cyclic Cosmology, in which the Big Bang repeats, endlessly. Within this cycle, I believe that the memories and knowledge of past societies are captured in the universe’s matter, coming to co-exist in the present. I imagine my unconscious perceives These memories like an antenna, being part of this pattern myself. In this sense, I too was born as a unique cell of conscious matter, continually transformed by previous Big Bangs and the different forms of life and matter that may have constituted my materiality.
My aim is to come out of myself; to unearth these layers through my art making by pursuing an experimental practice that explores a variety of mediums and their ability to visualise my unconsciousness’s manipulation of this primal knowledge and my corporal memory.
The one multidisciplinary works SOCIAL LIQUIDS 1. mjphcopcftcbare is from a series of 10 performances and video pieces that explore common substances and objects - the tea, buttermilk and sweets -that I consume and interact with on a daily basis, and those objects of past societies, and their potential influence on my unconscious and thus my artwork.
Due to congested living spaces in India, I have often found myself accidentally mixing substances with my paints. Initially I felt annoyance towards this but later I began to contemplate this urge; what is this relationship that exists between these objects and me? Why do these things persist in following me through one Big Bang to the next? Then I started to examine it in a metaphysical way, by attempting to explore these objects atom to atom through performance and video. I chose these mediums because performance enables me to physical connect, and my identity to intermingle, with the objects; I emerge from myself within the objects in front of me. Conceptually I am not only in this combination of objects but also in every combination of objects in this Big Bang, and in every Big Bang and the different combinations to come. While, I work with video because it’s a medium which is also formed through several layers of technology and technological development, just like the knowledge structures of my unconscious.The resulting works - SOCIAL LIQUIDS - comprise video-documented performances, in which I manipulate these materials through various actions such as cutting, heating, mixing and grinding to produce a liquid, being symbolic of what they extract from my unconscious. In SOCIAL LIQUIDS 1 I cook and combine various items such as slipper, coal, spider web and fevicol adhesive, reducing them to a beige solution. There is no conceptual framework behind this methodology, or my choices, it is entirely intuition led. The process is also purposefully ephemeral and nothing physical remains; my intention being to negotiate these materials and to negate the authority of mainstream visual codes.

I am Suresh Babu Maddilety. I was acquitted in 1971 in Medukurthy, Andhra Pradesh, India. But grown and studied basic education in Guntakal town, this is close to my birthplace. My father was a signboard artist, then I toyed with his artistic tools during my childhood. He charged less money for his clients. So, he intelligently manipulated with cheap materials. My father has inspired me a lot. He was something of a rationalist. He drew me towards science. One night, when I was young, he pointed at the stars in the sky and said, ‘each one of them is like our Sun.’ That set me thinking. I was trying to seek answers to a plethora of questions arising within me. After finishing my basic studies, I came to study, graduation, post-graduation in Hyderabad.