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 | REFLECTIONS - Old Jew, part of In search of lost time

REFLECTIONS - Old Jew, part of In search of lost time
ink, aluminum plate


nato/a a
residenza di lavoro/studio: Indianapolis, UNITEDSTATES

iscritto/a dal 24 mar 2019

visualizzazioni: 377


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ink, velvet art paper

 | REFLECTIONS - Midas Touch

ink, canvas

 | REFLECTIONS - Ecstasy, part of All that sex

REFLECTIONS - Ecstasy, part of All that sex
ink, canvas

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

I understand the camera as a pen or pencil used for making fast notes. With a background in theater and film productions in Europe, through photographs I capture and tell stories in my mind. While classic photography is capturing a moment, my camera is trying to understand what light is telling me. I call this process reflections. All great painters knew that light is the best Master. My camera is trying to record the best creations of the best master, Light. All of my images are made traditionally with the camera as a single-exposure photograph, not digital or multi-collage manipulations. I deeply believe that photography is a High Quality Art and as such it is equal to all other visual arts.
During the last several years I have exhibited my photography widely throughout the United States including Manhattan,
The Hamptons, and Indianapolis. My art has been reviewed in numerous publications. All my artworks are Limited Edition and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.
REFLECTIONS are not only wjat the eye sees, but what the mind perceives. When we see in the present, we also reflect on things past; our thoughts are very personal. One should look at each image and explore both visually and emotionally what it means or conveys to you.
Artwork description: 1. Old Jew (framed) is reading a book, a musician is plying the accordion, the camera lens is focused on the house in background. The picture is telling a story of old-world,now gone. see more at:
2. Midas touch this collection investigates the role of the Eye in our culture, especially in our professions. see more at:
3. Ecstasy, see more at: