Premio Combat Prize

Shuk Orani - Premio Combat Prize

OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Pittura

 | Worldstage

oil on canvas, canvas / spatula
100 x 150 cm

Shuk Orani

nato/a a
residenza di lavoro/studio: Hamburg, GERMANY

iscritto/a dal 07 apr 2019

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oil on canvas, canvas / spatula
100 x 150 cm

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oil on canvas,
100 x 150 cm

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oil on canvas, canvas / spatula
100 x 150 cm

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

The Reader
100 x 150 cm / oil on canvas / SO 2013
This painting reflects the traces of an unwritten life story. Surrounded by light and fire in the midst of darkness. I believe the reader is an old man, who sees his life within the light of the fire and his hope is burning still, regardless of the pain, the flying time or the tired eyes in front of the blazing fire, he finds hope in the bright light.
Shuk Orani | oil on canvas | 100 x 150 cm - 2015

Even when a person passes through beautiful landsli- des, the world is on his shoulders. Take me for examaple. In many occasions, even when I stay seated and relax unintentionaly I keep seeking the rest of the world. Even though I am in the world! .. I Still feel the absence of it!. The idea for this work came when I was hanging out at a caffe bar and a globe stood on my head... Suddenly in my head i visulised the idea of carrying out the globe. Then i created an abstract image that crawled while carrying the globe over his head, in fact the head is
the globe itself! It is the world stage of human thought and feeling in special cases. At times when we feel the heavy burden of our everyday life and when we want to attract attention towards ourselves.
The world‘s arena is with us and it‘s us ourselves! .. It is not possible to walk on the world and not to have the world with you! .. Our main goal and in this case my goal as well, is that we advance and stand in the center of the world‘s arena but always with a globe above our heads! ..
100 x 150 cm ­ oil on canvas
Rebellion represents part of the frustration and how the society perceives cultivation of universal values. The globe is so fragile and the nests we cultivate as humans are not reflecting the core values of spirituality and humanity. We are all equally fragile and equally strong, does it really matter if we are heading towards self­destruction?
Shuk Orani | oil on cnvas - 100 x 150 cm - 2013
How does war and the social aftermath of war, what we perceive as freedom and peace reconcile? A significant dose of euphoria, a collective state of being in high spirits its usually met with a swift fall and collective depressi- on as hope transmits itself into an unreachable point far away in the horizon.
Whilst the human soul experiences the fall at its worst
as a form of collective madness, a form of trauma which seems impossible to heal to an outside it all seems like
a game. Is this a game, a game with the soul, with the surroundings and the God within each one of us? It seems surreal, deeply dysfunctional to bring one to thinking and acting against it, utterly inhuman.
Our world is sometimes an open space in which we are only around to roll and gravitate into the space without leaving traces and without having an impact to change. May we accept, may we rise above it, may we just rest in peace....WTF?
Shuk Orani - Multimedia Artist
A multimedia artist based in Hamburg, Germay, Shuk Orani has shown his work in Germany and beyond, participating in exhibitions and art fairs throughout USA, European Countries and China, where he was one of the most distinguished painters invited to the Contemporary Art Gallery in Beijing. Some of his first projects were realized on demand by luxury boutique hotels and various art studios. He also cooperated boundary transcending, realizing artworks for a theatre group.
Predominantly working with oil paintings on canvas, he has had a series of graphic and digital creations as well, which often give the viewer the impression of an intimate blink to continuous productivity, colourful as the large scale and perceptibly erotic.
Orani himself is inspired by positive surroundings and the creative capacity of the human. He believes deeply in art to benefit life with its moving, demanding and satisfying power. His playful manner gives birth to exciting creations, encompassing moods, atmospheres and an inner discourse involving the complex and the simple.
(text: Julia Eckhardt - M. A. History of Art)