Premio Combat Prize

ŞEBNEM AKYILDIZ - Premio Combat Prize

OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Grafica

 | One Fine Afternoon in Woods

One Fine Afternoon in Woods
paper on paper with cotton string, wood, watercolor, pencil, gold pen, paper


nato/a a Izmir Turkey
residenza di lavoro/studio: Istanbul, TURKEY

iscritto/a dal 31 gen 2019

visualizzazioni: 571


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 | Kyoto Mon Amour

Kyoto Mon Amour
paper on paper with wood, pencil, tape, paper

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paper on paper with wood, gold pen, paper

 | One Fine Morning in Wetlands - Longoz

One Fine Morning in Wetlands - Longoz
paper on paper with wood, gold watercolor, paper

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Şebnem performs painting & ceramics art since 1999, establishing ArtePura Gallery-Atelier by 2010 in Moda - Istanbul running for two years. Currently she continues her artwork at home-atelier.
She performs ceramics as well as painting in pastel and paper collage. She works mostly with porcelain in ceramics, within search for extreme thinness and dangling forms. She cares for aesthetic results of imperfect forms coupled with hand-brushed glazing and gold luster. In painting and paper collage (paperie) she enjoys expressions of tranquility, daily basics of life and the dance of the color in the depth of nature. She uses natural and hand-produced media to directly connect the art observer to the feeling of the artwork.
Her main interests are light and nature’s reflections, appreciating the serenity of simplicity. In her works she emphasizes containment, peace, lightness in being, less & essence, grace, respect and diligent care.
She produces all artwork directly by hand yielding unique, non-reproducible, spontaneous and deliberately imperfect results.
Main Exhibitions
- 2018, Contemporary Art Exhibition - NAGart Gallery, Florence, Italy
- 2018, La Dolce Vita Spring - Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NewYork, USA
- 2018, Kunst ist grenzenlos - PAKS Gallery Wien, Vienna, Austria
- 2017, Cross-Breeds - ArtSquare /Art Hub Gallery, Toronto, Canada
- 2017, XI Florence Biennale - Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy
- 2017, BinealIzmir - Izmir Devlet Resim Heykel Museum, Izmir, Turkey
- 2017, ArtQuake Kyoto Creativity Biennale - Museum of Kyoto, Japan
- 2016, Santorini Biennale, Santorini - Greece
- 2016, Earth & Colors - Exhibition in Duo - Turkan Saylan Culture Center, Maltepe - Istanbul, Turkey
- 2015, ArtQuake Kyoto Creativity Biennale - Museum of Kyoto, Japan
- 2011, Javad Soleimanpour Group Exhibition - Seven Art
Gallery, Moda - Istanbul, Turkey
- 2017, Lorenzo IL Magnifico Award, 3. Prize in Ceramics Art - XI Florence Biennale, Italy
- 2017, Lifetime Advocacy in Promoting Peace Through Art - ArtQuake Kyoto Creativity Biennale, Japan
- 2017, Andrea Mantegna International Prize