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Peter Stitt - Premio Combat Prize

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 | Untitled, Little Building, Joanna, SC

Untitled, Little Building, Joanna, SC
archival pigment,

Peter Stitt

nato/a a Erie, Pennsylvania
residenza di lavoro/studio: North Augusta, UNITEDSTATES

iscritto/a dal 06 apr 2019

visualizzazioni: 353


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Outside of the larger metropolitan centers, writing the narrative of the new south and its cultural change, the rural south unrolls. As present today as it has ever been, it, too, continues to move, obstinate in its defiance of the obvious currents that are leaving it further and further behind.
The small towns of this region exude a curious sense of pride and stoicism, mixed with hope and the obvious effects of a long, slow decline. With each passing year there are fewer and fewer who remember the glory days each town has enjoyed, but there is a present light that glimmers like faith.
The south is a region in whose every part the past is very much its present. These photographs do not criticize or mourn. They do not praise this landscape as if it were a rare and endangered place. They are a verse, an ode to a slowly fading present.
Currently residing in North Augusta, SC, Peter Stitt is a photographer who has been exhibited nationally and internationally, from Portland, OR, to Budapest, Hungary. A graduate of Northeastern University, he has studied and honed his craft through teaching, commercial assisting, and gallery management.
Working currently as a full-time artist, Stitt produces images that reflect on the social landscape and seemingly unimportant details of our surroundings. With influences from street photography and the New Topographics movement, his photography speaks to a sense of place, time, and familiarity of our everyday environment and the landscape it creates.