Premio Combat Prize

Patricia Creyns - Premio Combat Prize

OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Grafica

 | Ath-Plage Onirique 1

Ath-Plage Onirique 1
photography, acrylic, drawing, wallpaper, newspaper

Patricia Creyns

nato/a a Bree
residenza di lavoro/studio: Gent, BELGIUM

iscritto/a dal 10 apr 2019

visualizzazioni: 351


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 | Ath-Plage Onirique 2

Ath-Plage Onirique 2
photography, acrylic, drawing, wallpaper, newspaper

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Ath-Plage (beach) :
an open air Olympic swimming pool and its abandoned soda bar, creates a deeply poetic atmosphere.
This place, allowing itself to be conquered by nature, has inspired me for years.
There, I let myself draw evanescent characters emerging from the past.
Time flies, and the sense of the passing of time is very strong in Ath-Plage.
The holidaymakers of the past are still around here...
I was born in Bree (Belgium). After secondary school in Hasselt I moved to Ghent (Belgium), a hotbed of creativity. Here I could thrive. I enrolled at the KASK (Royal Academy of Fine Arts) and chose the sculpture department. I entered the class of artist Paul Van Gysegem. There I worked mainly in metal, clay, plaster and polyester. A very fine time. It was a privilege to study at the KASK where students were stimulated to tap into their own creativity. For me, as an artist, it is very important to keep on observing people: an endless source of inspiration. I consider this as being part of my artistic activity. My great interest in human beings makes that my commitment to forces and counter forces, right and wrong, is more socially determined.