Premio Combat Prize

Akos Matzon - Premio Combat Prize

OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Pittura

 | Strips of Light - White

Strips of Light - White
acryl, relief, canvas, wood, mirror
60x60 cm

Akos Matzon

nato/a a Budapest
residenza di lavoro/studio: Solymár, HUNGARY

iscritto/a dal 20 gen 2019

visualizzazioni: 635


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Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Biography:1945 Born in Budapest1963 Architectural works1980-86 Studies: Budapest University of Technology Pollack Mihály College of Technical Sciences Architekt, technical teacher1986 Art studies1993 Study trips in Germany, France and Switzerland Membership: Society of Hungarian Painters Association of Hungarian Creative Artists International MADI Society VUdAK — Hungarian Association of Writers and Artists of German Origin, Head of the Fine Art Section Künstlergilde, Esslingen (D) Association of Hungarian Artists and Carftsmen International Kepes SocietyAwards:1998 Scholarship of the Pollock--Krasner Foundation, New York2003 Special prize of the 10th International Miniatures Exhibition2005 Award for Excellence of MAOE2005 IGrand prize of MAOE on the 3rd Paper Arts Triennial2006 Special prize of the 11th International Miniatures Exhibition2007 Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Rome2008 Award for Excellence of the Patak Art Association2009 Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Rome2010 Mihály Munkácsy Prize, Scholarship of Baden-Württemberg Works in private and public collections (Selection):Museum Würth, Künzelsau (D)Martin von Wagner Museum, Würzburg (D)Museum Kulturspeicher, Würzburg (D)Ulmer Museum, Ulm (D)MADI Museum, Dallas (USA)Musee MADI, Maubeuge (F)Római Magyar Akadémia, Róma / Rom / Rome (I)Botschaft der Republik Ungarn, Berlin (D) Galerie BWL--EU, Brüsszel / Brüssel / Bruxelles (B)Galerie Künstlergilde, Esslingen (D)B-W Kulturinstitut der Republik Ungarn, Stuttgart (D)Heimatmuseum, Marne, Schleswig-Holstein (D)Academia Cravatica, Zagreb (CRO)Kortárs Magyar Galéria,Dunajská Streda (SK)Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest (H)Museum Kiscell - Municipal Gallery, Budapest (H)Museum Kassák, Budapest (H)Museum of Petőfi Literary, Budapest (H)Jewish Tour Hungary, Budapest (H)Első Magyar Látványtár, Tapolca-Diszel (H)Museum Xantus János, Győr (H)Museum Rippl-Rónai, Kaposvár (H)Interbational Modern Museum, Hajdúszoboszló (H)Historical Museum Nográd, Salgótarján (H)Museum Kálmán Imre, Siófok (H)BNP Dresdner Bank, Budapest (H)Gallery of Kecskemét, Kecskemét (H)Magyarországi Németek Háza (VUdAK), BudapestAalto Jaako Collection, Helsinki (FIN)Grüner Collection, Los Angeles (USA)My thoughts in paintingÁkos Matzon My Thoughts in painting - Ákos MatzonIt is first and foremost my thoughts that I would like to formulate and express in painting. These thoughts, however, are part of my own personal, private self, and I do not wish nor would I be able to share them with everyone. Rather I offer them for contemplation, to enable the formation of independent opinions. Painting that uses only a few colors, that is monochrome, has always inspired me the most, particularly the color white. Possibly so that the cavalcade of colors would not disturb (or influence the viewer in his or her perception of) the activity, the dynamism, and the independent life, that evolves out of the play of light and shade that otherwise occurs in my many-layered reliefs. The “colorfulness” of whites, which manifests itself in tonal variations and on the surfaces responding in diverse ways to light, simultaneously isolates the various elements and ensures a connection between them, thereby making it possible to attain the compositional goal. My other “all-knowing” color, the dark blue that is almost black, behaves in an entirely different manner. It receives-engulfs light, and this content dramatically enriches the message.The various type of lines and networks of lines (this includes for example the mirror strips) on my reliefs serve the work’s true and conceptual fabric, the unit of its structure. The multicolored quality therefore manifests itself not in the colors themselves, but in the “layers” of the ideas, in their differential nature. In the creation of an individual work of art I am unable to tear myself away from the influence of the mentality and the forms of contemporary architecture. I seek to display as much as possible with as few forms as possible in the picture, to express space and depth as much as possible with the layering of two-dimensional geometric shapes.