Premio Combat Prize

JELENA REMETIN - Premio Combat Prize

OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Pittura

 | La Muse Venale

La Muse Venale
technique mixte, paper mounted on aluminum / wood frame
120 x 100


nato/a a Split
residenza di lavoro/studio: PARIS, FRANCE

iscritto/a dal 16 apr 2019

visualizzazioni: 345


Altre opere

 | Les Bienveillantes, tryptique

Les Bienveillantes, tryptique
mixed, paper mounted on aluminum
3 x 160x80

 | Red Muse

Red Muse
mixed, paper mounted on aluminum

 | Phobeus

mixed, paper mounted on aluminum

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

ARTWORK DESCRIPTION; The ”Venal Muse” triptych belongs to the Baudelaire’s Aesthetic of inspiration based on the ”Flowers of Evil” series; he speaks of diseased musees, of the infertile artistic soul, more precisely of the absence of inspiration that, instead of visions, dreams and desires, reveals fear, guilt and madness.The absence of inspiration seeks solutions in the composition itself or in the decomposition of the female body represented by the muse, the nymphs or the state of the artist himself in his search for elements to be recognized, in his permissiveness and denudation.BIO:Jelena Remetin is a visual artist working in the field of expanded painting, photography and film. Born in Split, Croatia, she has been living in Paris for over 2 decades where she studied multimedia at EFET, the renowned School of photography and film, in CEFPF, the European center for audiovisual production and she specialised in Virtual Reality in Dixit School in 2016 (mentor Michel Reihlac, direktor Arte TV).During her academic years, her short films were selected for numerous festivals including Cannes, Paris, Chicago, Madrid, St. Petersburg, Vebron Hyerres, Huatulco Mexico ... Her video piece based on a D. Lynch song titled ”I Know” was included in the final selection of the David Lynch Official Competition and won the short film award at Disturb Awards in Paris in 2012. She was also a finalist at Estée Lauder Pink Ribbon Photo award 2013.Jelena’s photographic and painting cycles were exhibited in Eze (City Museum, 2011), Toulouse (exhibition Traverse Vidéo, 2012), Berlin (Gallery Art Factory, 2013), Paris (Salon d’Automne, 2014; Nouvel Organon, 2013;), Split (New Year exhibition Photo Club Split, 2015) and Zagreb (Nano gallery, 2015).Her recent exhibition projects include a solo show titled ”Wheel of Time” as part of the Rendez-vous Festival of France in Croatia (Media Center of the French Institute in Zagreb, 2015) and a participation in group exhibitions Art en Capital (Grand Palais, Paris, 2015). In January 2016, she hosted a solo show ”Wheel of Fortune” in the Split Salon Galic which was open to the public during the night of museums. The projection of her latest 40 minute long film BODYCOMBAT in MM Center in Zagreb as part of the ”Short Images” program premiered in April 2016 as did her audio-visual installation ”There are people in any place” in Lauba-museum with the support of the Ministry of Culture Croatia, City of Zagreb and the French Institute, March / April 2016.In 2015 Jelena represented France and Croatia at the UNESCO Art Camp Malta for Peace workshop, and her triptych ”Hope, Loss, Anxiety”, created as part of the residency, became a part of UNESCO’s art collection in Malta. In July 2016, she also represented France and Croatia at the UNESCO Art for Peace workshop in Andorra. The works she created in residence in Andorra are on display at the UN in New York.Her new artwork titled ”FOR vs. AGAINST ”, an audio-visual and virtual creation simulated in a wide field of view of 360 °, where the contemporary dance, scenography, sound design, dramaturgical word and virtual reality intertwine as an interdisciplinary process, putting an accent on technology as the omnipresent dramaturgical tool. The artwork was presented to the Croatian audience at the january/february 2018 in Dance Center Zagreb supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and Samsung. Now she is working on the sound installation ”Croatian Soundtscript” in the public spaces of the City of Zagreb in cooperation with Zagreb Turist National Board and Croatian Telecom scheduled for april 2019.Her work Les Bienveillantes is currently at the Biennale in Trieste (08.03.-25.05.2019), while her works are presented at the Menouar Gallery in Paris.Her work ”Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” is part of a collection of Digital Documentation Center (CDD) for Gender and LGBTIQ Research and Interuniversity Permanent Research ”Gender, Aesthetics and Audiovisual Culture” (GECA) at Complutense University of Madrid (UCM).Jelena is a member of the CROATIAN FREELANCE ARTISTS ASSOCIATION/HZSU and a professional artistic association MAISON DES ARTISTES in France.