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Dirk Krüll - Premio Combat Prize

OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Fotografia

 | Plastic Army: Invasion Sea

Plastic Army: Invasion Sea
lambda print, alu dibond and acryl
135 x 180 cm

Dirk Krüll

nato/a a Düsseldorf
residenza di lavoro/studio: Düsseldorf, GERMANY

iscritto/a dal 03 mar 2019

visualizzazioni: 458


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 | Plastic Army: Invasion Coast

Plastic Army: Invasion Coast
lambda print, alu dibond and acryl
135 x 180 cm

 | Plastic Army: Invasion Dune

Plastic Army: Invasion Dune
lambda print, alu dibond and acryl
135 x 180 cm

 | Plastic Army: Occupation Creek

Plastic Army: Occupation Creek
lambda print, alu dibond and acryl
120 x 180 cm

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Art Work:
Plastic Army: Invasion
The ”Plastic Army” series is trying to address the issue of plastic waste in a playful and aesthetic manner.
The cycles are telling metaphorically and in linear order of the incursion of the natural enemies, the conquest of the landscape, the mutation of their inhabitants, the complete fusion to the dissolution of all natural elements.
The aesthetic depiction of these artificial installations thus serves as allegories of the deepest unaesthetic and unpleasant facts of catastrophic environmental pollution, using the example of plastic waste!
This first cycle is called: „Plastic Army: Invasion“
The pictures in detail:
Invasion sea: The theme of this picture is the arriving of the plastic armada
Invasion coast: The theme of this picture is the landing of the plastic troop
Invasion dune: The theme of this picture is the spreading of the plastic soldiers
This second cycle is called: „Plastic Army: Occupation“:
The first realized motif:
Occupation Stream: The theme of this image is the penetration of the landscape
born: 21.10.1958 in Düsseldorf
work: in Düsseldorf and Mallorca
apprentice, HfbK -
study 1994
graduation: Diplom-Designer on university Essen: ”Folkwang”
since 1988 freelance journalist and artist;;;
reports in (summary):
various magazines like: Geo, ART, FAZ Magazin, New York Times Magazin, Zeitmagazin, Sports, Spiegel. Focus, Tempo, MAX, GQ, Playboy, Stern, ADAC + Spiegel-Spec., Wiwo...
client magazines: RWE, Ruhrgas, Renault, Mazda, Lancia, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes...
calendar projects for corp. communication use from 04 -12
awardee in (summary):
- Stern-Journalism prize
- Kodak-young acadamics competition,
- science prize: (1st prize: report 2001: Dummies)
- stipendium ”VG Bild-Kunst” (04: Bonner Republik, 10: coal area in China)
- Hasselblad Master Finalist in Product Photography 2011
- PDN Photo Annual Award in Corporate Design 2011 + 2012
- IPA Lucy Award 2012: 1st Prize in the Category Automobile Advertisement
- ”One eyeland” award 2012: Gold: advertising automotive
- “One eyeland award 2015: Bronze: Report: “Shanxi coal region“
- One Eyeland Award 2018: Gold in Art: „Plastic Army“
- PDN Award 2018: Winner in Personal Work: „Plastic Army
diverse exhibitions (summary).:
- ”Haus der Deutschen Geschichte” in Bonn 1998: “GI´s in Germany“
- ”Gropiusbau” in Berlin 1999: „50 Jahre BRD“, „Ehemalige Kombinate“
- ”Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen” 05, 06, 09 und 2011 with reports to the industrial
- ”Ruhrmuseum Essen” 2010: “Ruhr.-region”, diverse reports
- “Kunstmuseum Mülheim“ 2010: „chines cockery“
- Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen 2015: Projektzeit: „Kohleregion: Shanxi“
- „Triennale der Photographie“ Hamburg 2015: „Kohleregion: „Shanxi“
- „Galerie Z22“, Berlin 2015: „Dancing Dogs“
- Contemporary Art Ruhr Zollverein Essen 2017 + 2018: ”Plastic Army“
- Galerie Flohr Santanyi 2018: Mallorca-Ferienlandschaft
- Galerie Z22 Berlin 2018: „Plastic Army“
honorary appoint in the ”DGPH” in Köln (1994)
member of the photo-agency ”Laif” in Köln (1996)
member in the ”Pixelprojekt Ruhrgebiet”
member in the art community „Verein der Düsseldorfer Künstler“
- Ruhrmuseum Essen 2010
- Haus der deutschen Geschichte, Leipzig 2016
- Deutsche Fussballmuseum Dortmund 2018
current main projects: “coal area Shanxi + Mongolei“; art-project: “Dancing Dogs“; Mallorca Landscape-transformation“ ; „Homeland Rhine-Region“; „Plastic Army“