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Bisser - Premio Combat Prize

OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Grafica

 | Natura Sacra

Natura Sacra
cgd, giclee, platinum etching paper 300 g/m
74 x 100 cm


nato/a a Bulgaria, Sofia
residenza di lavoro/studio: Sofia, BULGARIA

iscritto/a dal 14 apr 2019

visualizzazioni: 356


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 | Natura Sacra-II

Natura Sacra-II
cgd, giclee, platinum etching paper 300 g/m
74 x 100 cm

 | Natura Sacra-VII

Natura Sacra-VII
cgd, giclee, platinum etching paper 300 g/m
74 x 100 cm

 | Natura Sacra-VIII

Natura Sacra-VIII
cgd, giclee, platinum etching paper 300 g/m
74 x 100 cm

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Snezhina BiserovaArtist`s statementThe print `Natura Sacra II` is a part of series that consists of 12 works, each with size 76 x102 cm. Composition of `Natura Sacra II` is based on digitally created mirror symmetry of different selected and manipulated fragments of nature blended with various hand drawn textures. I use the visual transposition of positive and negative images. Mirror duplication of the graphic elements with their specific texture and perspective deformation of the space in two mutually perpendicular planes creates the feeling of suction inward, to a nonexistent central point – an internal Center of calm in which the dynamics and tensions are mute. The visual game with space gives rise to new codes, visual associations and suggestion for the sacral essence of Nature – a source of inner light. The graphic sheet `Natura Sacra II` represents a metaphor that expresses the duality and the unity of the Creation, manifested in all levels of our existence.The series is printed with high quality pigment inks on archival inkjet fine art paper Hahnemühle 300 g/m2.
Snezhina Biserova was born on January, 2-nd, 1962 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She lives and works in Sofia.In 1988 she graduated the National Art Academy in Sofia, M.F.A. in printmaking. 1991 - 2017 she has been a lecturer in printmaking at the National School of Fine Arts in Sofia.Since 2006 she is a lecturer in graphics at the National Academy of Fine and Applied Arts in Sofia, Department Book Design and at the Sofia University – Department Visual Arts.2007 – Ph D. on specialty Science of Art and Fine Arts for the needs of Department Printmaking.Since 2017 she is Assistant Professor at the Sofia University – Faculty of Educational Studies and the Arts, Department Visual Arts.Since 1988 Snezhina Biserova has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions in Bulgaria. Priority areas in her work are watercolor, various printing and drawing techniques. The artist realized 13 solo shows in Sofia and one in Lublin, Poland.2007 – Snezhina Biserova wrote and published the book `Siligraphy – a waterless surface-printing method`. Since 2018 she focused her researches on several non-toxic intaglio printmaking methods.Her works are property of Chinese Artists Association, IMPRIMA collection – Sobral, Brazil, The City of Francavilla al Mare – Italy, Collection of BIECTR, Canada, Iowa Biennial Exhibition research archives – USA, Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery, Japan, Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo, Japan, the collection of Bulgarian Embassy in Tokyo, the collection of Florean Museum, Romania and some private collections in Bulgaria, Belgium, the Hugo Voeten`s Collection, England, France, Greece, Italy /Luciano Nastuzzi`s Collection/, Mexico, Sweden, USA and Serbia.