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Birgit Lu Mazen - Premio Combat Prize

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 | Summer blues

Summer blues
digitla photo, c-print

Birgit Lu Mazen

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residenza di lavoro/studio: Munich, GERMANY

iscritto/a dal 08 apr 2019

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Descrizione Opera / Biografia

The work I send you is part of a long-term project. I love to spend time at the window looking out. I started as a child and never stopped - on sunny or rainy days, at home or on travels. For me, these are tranquil, dreamy moments. I look at the landscape, marvel at it. And my brain flows over with phantasies, free associations, longings. such a moment is a moment full of Sehnsucht. Sometimes, Sehnsucht for another place, for travel, people, another distant life. And those moments can be a turning point - where something new is conceived or is allowed to enter my life.
The photographer Lu Mazen is a traveller. Initially, she travelled across the world. She saw different continents, old and new places, high-rises and high mountains. And people of all kinds. People of different cultures. She then entered into the working world of men and women. She travelled to the microcosm of daily life – made visible and enlarged through the lens. And she travels to inner places, places of my soul, to emotions, memories of times gone by. As memories emerge, so do images.
Lu Mazen currently focuses on fine art photography, on still lives and images of our world in the form of still lives. She portrays the strange moments of daily life. She is interested in all phenomena of light and how light transforms the seemingly obvious into a new reality – thus creating the magic of the image.
Since 2001, Lu works intensely on photography. Since 2011 she had numerous exhibitions in Germany and Europe. Lu attended master courses with Josef Schulz in Irsee 2014, Nica Junker 2015 and Sonja Braas in 2016. Lu Mazen lives and works in Germany. She travelled from North America to Mexico and in Europe, focusing initially on landscape and street photography. She lived in Korea for 2 years, crossed Asia, focusing on Korea, Nepal, Japan, China, Vietnam and Mongolia.
Lu widely exhibits internationally, at festivals or galleries. In Germany she also exhibits at renowned art associations. She has successfully contributed to many art and photography prizes and become 3. Prize winner of the Alzey-Worms Art prize in 2016, offered by the local municipal gallery. She turned finalist eg. at Premio Arte Laguna (2015), Premio Celeste (2015), Premio Lynx, The Julia Cameron Gala Award, the ARTIG Art prize offered by the art association in Kempten (2016) and the South West German Art Prize (2018). She gained a Dotart honorable mention in 2015 (street), a Sipa first selection 2016 and a shortlisting at Premio Celeste in 2017.