Premio Combat Prize

Basil Frank - Premio Combat Prize

OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Grafica

 | Beresheet (Genesis)

Beresheet (Genesis)
digital,inkjet, fuji paper

Basil Frank

nato/a a Cape Town
residenza di lavoro/studio: Jerusalem, ISRAEL

iscritto/a dal 13 mar 2019

visualizzazioni: 510


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 | Incision of a 3rd Kind Jerusalem (Genesis))

Incision of a 3rd Kind Jerusalem (Genesis))
digital,inkjet, fuji paper

 | Incision ,milah(word)

Incision ,milah(word)
digital,inkjet, fuji paper

 | Incision,milah(word) II

Incision,milah(word) II
digital ,inkjet, fuji paper

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

My works are based on the examination of imagery exploring the tension between the photographic documentation of reality and the constructed, imaginary space of print. A metamorphosis into accumulating traces of layers. exposure of the psychic realm reality to the metaphoric and conceptual area ” Editor Rump culture. De Welt newspaper 10/03/07 wrote; Beijing Biennale 2005 the Millennium Museum, visitors lined up three rows deep photographs installations on the seashore .
1971 Michaelis School Art, Sculpture University Cape Town .1972-3 .Post graduate Sculpture St. Martins ,London Awards:*Grand Prix –OsakaTriennial Print 1997. First Award World Contemporary Art, 1998 LA ,USA .
12th German Graphic Art 1999 3rdAward Frechen;IPT SMTG,Krakow 2000;Biennale Internazionale. Dell’ Arte Citta Di Firenze 2001- Lorenzo il Magnifico IPT Krakow 2003,City Opole.2007 International Art.Biennial Splitgraphic 3 special award,Split.2007–14th Tallinn Print Triennial,Dipl 2007 ,Dipl.Excellence London.1st International Arts &Science Festival 2009 ,diploma& medal award UnescoVP Ioanis .2010 .Culture Inside Eutopia Luxembourg Award sculpture; London ICCHonorable Mention. 2010 Second International Digital Biennial Gdynia Poland –Statuette Era Art. Aomori Print Trienniale 2010 Japan Jury’s Special Award. See Me organization NYC USA works screened 25-story-tall billboard in Times Square, July 26th 2014 .GOLDEN AWARD 2016•October painting G20 International Art Exchange Exhibition Qianjiang international art museum- Hangzhou City. Global Art Awards finalist Dubai