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Ahad Moslemi - Premio Combat Prize

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 | No Identity #3

No Identity #3
acrylic, tela

Ahad Moslemi

nato/a a Theran
residenza di lavoro/studio: Treviso, ITALIA

iscritto/a dal 28 apr 2019

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 | No Identity #2

No Identity #2
acrylic, tela

 | No identity #3

No identity #3
acrylic, tela

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Ahad Moslemi was born in 1983 in Tehran.
In 1998 he studied Visual arts at School of Fine
Arts in Tehran, choosing painting as the media
closest to his sensitivity, so much that he
managed to develop a particular expressiveness
that led him to be an independent artist. He
opened his own gallery ”Sama” in 2005 until
2011, in the historical City-Center of his
hometown. Expressionism and figurative art are
the most important features in his research. In
June 2011 he emigrated to Canada where he
decided to deepen his study at ”Cégep du vieux
Montréal ”, continuing then to the” Université du
Québec à Trois-Rivières en art plastique ”, where
he approached to screen printing, engraving,
photography and installations. Recently it has
been invited to numerous exhibitions and
conferences a Montreal, Quebec, Mexico,
Greece, Venice and Portugal. In March 2016 he
took part in the 23rd Concours d’Afflices
Scientifiques, and the topic of study was: The
Consequences of War on Children. For this
project he won the ”Prix du doyen”. In the
summer 2016 was invited to hold a conference
along with other artists including Ola-Dele Kuku
on theme of conflicts at the 56th Venice
In 2017 he participated in an exhibition in the
United States, North Adams, for the Trois
Rivières’ Biennial of Printings with a group of
Canadian artists.
He currently lives in Italy, in Venice, where he is
deepening his research with the Italian
Renaissance and new painting techniques,
without leaving aside installations and new media
projects, which are his main topic of interest
now. Meetings and events lead to change and to
transform the identity of things. A continuous
delete and recreate the identity. A part of this
projects focuses on the consequences that the
war brings about who lives it, and the concept of
invasion. War and conflicts are not the
past but they are very well spread in our present.
Ahad Moslemi’s research talks about conflict, he put the focus in the structure, ”structure is the basement of the conflict”, the battle-ground. Ahad’s battle-ground is the body. Body is the field, it is the first place where you can see the conflict’s reflection. He is born in Iran and he experienced the war for real when he was a child. His work is directly influenced by the effects of the war in children’s life and the influence they have in his growth and personality. War’s effects, war’s atrocity and war’s wounds. In fact in his works we can experienced strong feelings, those feeling felt by someone that has experience these moments directly on his skin. Conflicts and wars are things that even if they finish, their germ and their infection still run inside your body for the rest of your life. They are able to modify your psyche and personality, your behavior and emotionality. In his processes of creation he translates this experience by erasing people’s identity in particular their face, that it is the place where you can mostly recognize someone, but meeting and facts constantly change what people or things are. ’’Hast o Nist’’, his last project, it is a project which speaks about identity. Identity never stops it is the subject and the deal inside everything surround us. This work leads to wonder about how it appears and how it develops. - Construction and deconstruction - this is the way it works. We kindly have an identity but the passing of time and events unavoidably turns it into other steps of it. Do we really born with our identity or is it already the result of our genetic? It is sure a being who lives by it-self because it is continuous in process of creation and modification.