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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions (PDF)

Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (PDF)

Términos y Condiciones(PDF)

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Art. 1 - AIM

The Cultural Association Blob ART announces an art prize aimed at promoting and enhancing Contemporary Art. The contest entails the selection of 80 artworks from five different categories - Painting, Photography, Graphic Arts, Video Arts, Sculpture and Installation, - and will culminate in the exhibition of the finalists' works, the publication of a catalogue, the award of money prizes, the assignment of two artist-in-residence scholarships and the award of a special prize, conferred by Comune di Livorno.
The exhibition, as well as the Jury's vote and the award ceremony, will be held in Livorno, Italy, at "Museo Civico G. Fattori, ex Granai di Villa Mimbelli", from 25th of June to 16th of July 2016.



This competition is open to any contemporary artist, coming from anywhere in the world. There are neither age restrictions, nor thematic constraints. The five categories are:


The selection of the artworks will be based on the key criteria of quality, research, originality and contemporaneity. There are no restrictions regarding the subject, technique or style. However, all submissions should be paintings. A painting is defined as any use or manual application of oil, tempera, acrylic, industrial paints, ink, etching, graphite, watercolors or vinyl on any media, including pre-printed media; collages and multi-material works are also accepted. Each side of the artwork should be maximum 200 cm.


This category is only open to artworks that are realized on cardboard or paper. The selection of artworks will be based on the key criteria of quality, project development, research, originality and contemporaneity. In this category, the use of the following techniques is allowed: drawing, watercolor, gouache, collage, various forms of engraving and printmaking in plain, digital, in relief, cable (Giclée, offset, xylography, etching, lithography, serigraphy, etc.), computer graphics and other mixed technics. The artwork should be maximum 152x122 cm.
*The Graphic Arts category artworks selected for the final stage can be sent rolled up or without a frame. The Cultural Association Blob ART will take charge of the possible assembly or framing without any additional cost.


The selection will be based on the key criteria of formal quality and conceptual originality of the artwork. There are no thematic restrictions. Media accepted for the competition are digital and analog photos, color and b/w photos; and all the expressive ways of photographic art. Each side of the artwork should be maximum 150 cm.


The artworks' selection will be based on the criteria of quality, research, originality and contemporaneity.
In Sculpture and Installation category, the use of raw or manipulated materials, media, objects and expressive ways, both traditional or innovative (sound art, kinetic art, video and sound installation, etc.), is allowed. The artworks may include interactive elements so that, they may comprehend electrical or mechanical parts that provide movement, sounds, lights and videos, used separately or even combined. The registration of the artwork to the prize can be carried out by sending photos, videos or audio files. The artwork should consist of a base of 4 m, a depth of 4 m and a height of 3 m (maximum size).


In Video Arts category, video artworks and experimental animations, video research, video dance, video theater, music videos, abstract videos, video portraits, city portraits and the like, excluding fiction are allowed.
Videos should have a minimum length of 1 min. and a maximum length of 30 min. For the final exhibition, please submit the original artworks recorded on HQ DVD  and make sure their format is compatible with the most common reading devices.



Artists who are interested in the enrollment have the possibility to register until 16th April 2016 12th May 2016. Admission to the competition may only be carried out following one of the methods below:

a) ONLINE The registration form is accessible at the internet address: In filling in the form, it is possible both to select the section and upload the works, choose:
Painting Category - Photography Category - Graphic Arts Category to upload IMAGES;
Video Arts Category - Sculpture/Installation Category to upload IMAGES, AUDIO or VIDEO.

b) SHIPMENT BY POST (applications postmarked after the deadline will not be accepted) The APPLICATION FORM - that is available on the website or can be requested to Associazione Culturale Blob ART 118, 57125 Livorno, Italy - Tel. +390586 88116, or, by email, to the address, - has to be filled in its entirety.
In addition, it is necessary to attach a CD-ROM containing a brief curriculum vitae or a short biography detailing the artist’s formation and any exhibition; a picture of the submitted artwork in JPG or TIFF, 300 dpi, RGB; a description of the artwork including name, surname, country, the title of the work, year, technique, dimensions (Height x Base x possible Depth); copy of proof of the payment of the registration fee.
As an alternative to the CD-ROM, it is otherwise possible to send a photograph of the artwork (size: minimum 10x15 cm, maximum 21x30 cm) with name, surname, country, the title of the work, year, technique, dimensions (Height x Base x possible Depth) written on the back.
If registering in the Video Arts and Sculpture/Installation categories, it is possible to submit a DVD with a video of a maximum length of 30 min. The video should be in a format that is compatible with the most common reading devices (wmv, mpeg, mp4, avi, mov, flv).
In order to apply by Post, all the material should be sent at entrants' expense in closed envelope and posted exclusively by Post, courier or be delivered by hand directly to:
Corso Amedeo 118
(please specify PREMIO COMBAT PRIZE)



The registration fee, which covers part of the organization costs, is Euro 50 (fifty) for the 1st artwork entered in the competition, and Euro 40 (forty) for each additional artwork. It is possible both to enter more than one artwork in the same category or enter them in the five different ones. Entrants will need to fill in a new, separate registration form for each submitted artwork. With the submission of more than one artwork, the payment will cover a cumulative amount. Artworks presented in support of the main entry will not require any registration fee (see art. 5). The registration fee should be paid in Euro, with no bank fee or commissions at the expense of the Organization.
Fees are not refundable. The acceptable methods of PAYMENTS are:

- Online by credit card via PayPal on (if the card is not registered in the artist's name, please write both the name of the holder and the name of the artist at

- Bank transfer to: Blob ART ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE with the reference 'PREMIO COMBAT PRIZE 2016 and artist’s name and surname. Bank details: Banco Posta, filiale di LIVORNO, ITALY - IBAN IT67 A076 0113 9000 0009 7568 935 - Bic/Swift BPPIITRRXXX

- Western Union: to: Name: Paolo - Surname: Batoni - Address: corso Amedeo 118 – City - Livorno - Country: Italy.
It is mandatory to specify the transaction code in the application form.



For a better comprehension of the artist’s poetics and without incurring any additional costs, it is possible for artists to add, in support of their artwork in the contest, more pictures (up to a maximum of three following the modalities listed in art. 3) showing both other works or the same artwork in the contest. Artworks in support will not take part in the competition.



Entrants’ artworks in the Painting, Photography, Graphic Arts, Video Arts, Sculpture and Installation categories will be published online on the Prize's website.  Without any additional costs, every artist will have a personal page containing the artwork in the contest, up to three other artworks in support of it (sent by post or online) and their descriptions.
Artists who do not wish to appear on the site can choose the option "I do not agree" while registering: the artworks will not be publicly visible, but they'll only be accessible by the Jury.



The selection of the works will be carried out by an artistic Jury composed of six members. After the initial short-listing of the submissions, selected artists will be asked to send their original artworks to be included in the collective exhibition. The selected works will be 30 for the Painting category, 10 for Graphic Arts category, 20 for Photography category, 10 for Video Arts category, 10 for Sculpture and Installation category. All transportation costs (artwork's delivery to the Organization premises and its return to the artist) are at the entrants' expense. The jury will select the winners of the five different categories and the winners of the Artist Residence and the Special Prizes. The Jury decision is unappealable and unquestionable.


Art. 8- PRIZES

Prizes will be distributed as shown below:

6000 (six thousand) Euros to the winner of PAINTING category
6000 (six thousand) Euros to the winner of the PHOTOGRAPHY category
4000 (four thousand) Euros to the winner of the GRAPHIC ARTS category
4000 (four thousand)Euros to the winner of the SCULPTURE and INSTALLATION category *
4000 (four thousand) Euros to the winner of the VIDEO ARTS category *

* (the winning artwork will remain property of the artist)

Special Prize Fattori Contemporaneo - conferred by Comune di Livorno - personal exhibition at Museo Civico
Giovanni Fattori in Livorno *
Special Prize
45 days artist-in-residence in Florence *
Special Prize Artist Under 35 - two months artist-in-residence in Belgrade *
Popular Jury Prize – best artist judged by the visitors of the exhibition – 500 (five hundred) Euros *

As required by the law, a tax of 25% will be withheld from every money prize. The winning artworks of Painting, Photography, Graphic Arts categories will become property of the Associazione Culturale Blob ART. The winning artwork of the Fattori Contemporaneo Prize will become property of Comune di Livorno. All the other artworks, including the winners of the Video Arts category, Sculpture and Installation category, Special Prizes for artists and Popular Jury Prize will remain property of the artists.



Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori will promote the winner artist of the Fattori Contemporaneo Prize within its 2017 planned activities through a personal exhibition and the publication of a catalogue. The winner artwork of the Fattori Contemporaneo Prize will remain property of Comune di Livorno.



Registration Deadline - 16th April 2016 12th May 2016
Announcing of the selected 80 finalists - by the 24th May 2016
Finalists Exhibition - from 25th June to 16th July 2016 at "Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori ex Granai di Villa Mimbelli" Livorno, Italy
Award announcement and Ceremony - Saturday 16th July 2016



The catalogue, published by Sillabe publishing house, will contain 120 pages, 160 illustrations and critical texts written by the Jury in Italian and English language. A copy will be available for free to each of the 80 finalists while participating artists will receive a discount. Copies of the catalogue can be bought at the final exhibition or online, at the publisher address



The organization, Associazione Culturale Blob ART, will ensure the greatest care of the artworks in its custody. However, it will not be liable for theft, fire or any damages to artworks or people that might occur during the organization of the event. Any insurance request should be subscribed by the entrant.



Entrants authorize Associazione Culturale Blob ART and its legal representative to use their personal data according to the Italian privacy law (Legislative Decree 675/96 et seq. 196/2003), including the entry into databanks managed by the above organization. Entrants will grant any reproduction rights of the artworks and texts submitted, for free, to the Associazione Culturale Blob ART and its legal representative, given the editing of the catalogue, the relevant publication on the Prize website and any other forms of communication, promotion and activity by the Organization. Any material submitted will not be returned. The Prize organizers have the right to make a final decision on any matter that is not specified in these competition rules. The Organization reserves the right to amend these competition rules whenever required. The participation to the Prize implies the knowledge and total acceptance of these competition rules.


Terms & Conditions (PDF)

Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (PDF)

Términos y Condiciones(PDF)

Termes et Conditiones (PDF)

Application Form, english (PDF)