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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Pittura

Tomas Nemec | Piaf on the table
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Piaf on the table
oil, canvas

Tomas Nemec

nato/a a: Policka

residenza di lavoro/studio: Prague (CZECHREPUBLIC)

iscritto/a dal 20 apr 2013

sito web: http://www.avu.cz

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Tomas Nemec | Spring

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oil, canvas

Tomas Nemec | A small boy

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A small boy
oil, canvas

Tomas Nemec | Still life with a flower

vedi ad alta risoluzione

Still life with a flower
oil, canvas

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

We are submitting painting of Tomas Nemec - young Czech neo impressionist painter. The artwork captures favorite topic of Tomas Nemec - Edith Piaf that is placed in various bizzare places. Supporting works show the craftmanship of Tomas Nemec as a painter.
Born April 30, 1986 in Polička
2005 – 2011 Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, studio of Painting III – school of Michael Rittstein
2010 – Utrecht School of the Arts, Netherlands
Group shows:
2004 – Gallery of Young, Brno
2005 – Please apology for high level of quality – Gallery Lužánky, Brno
2005 – UMPRUM – AVU (Diviš – Rittstein), Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
2006 – Artkontakt, Gallery Vltavín, Prague
2007 – Avu 18, National Gallery Veletržní palác, Prague
2008 – In the heaven – Lapidárium, Foundation Czech Baroque, Prague
2008 – Confrontation Arscontact 2008, Brno, Prague
2008 – Students, Wortner House, České Budějovice
2008 – GoodLuck – Galerie NOD/Roxy – Prague
2008 – Gallery Naplavka, Prague
2009 – Half, Gallery Via Art Prague
2010 – Artyčok TV – Art Fair, Meetfactory Gallery, Prague
2011 – Ein Tanz, Hangart-7, Salzburg
2011 – Diploma works AVU 2011, Karlín Hall, Prague
2011 – Dreilandereck mit Ausblick, Art Gallery Leipzig, Leipzig
2012 – Zlín Salon of young 2012, House of Art, Zlín
2012 – Lights and Shadows, Prague House, Brussels
2012 – 12 years of painting III, Embassy of CZ , Vienna

Solo exhibitions:
2008 – White T- shirt, Gallery 35m2, Prague
2009 – Gallery, Prostějov Museum, Prostějov
2010 – Pictures, Gallery Greisen, Prague
2011 – Figures, Art Gallery Leipzig, Leipzig
2011 – The table of one guy, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague
2012 – Painting in the room, Gallery in Church, Planá u Marianských Lázní
2012 – Celebration, The Chemistry Gallery, Prague
2012 – Summer, Thomas Fuchs Gallery, Stuttgart