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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Pittura

Simona La Mattina | camminando
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acrilico+misto, tela di juta

Simona La Mattina

nato/a a: Mistretta (Me)

residenza di lavoro/studio: Veroli (FR) (ITALIA)

iscritto/a dal 01 feb 2013

sito web: http://www.premioceleste.it/it…

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Simona La Mattina | dentro

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Simona La Mattina | verticale

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Simona La Mattina | vertigine

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Descrizione Opera / Biografia

DESCRIPTION:"Disorientation we perceive from her artworks representing children facing huge metropolis. Wrecked expressionist's architectures similar to Ridley Scott's Blade Runner nightmares. A place were skyscrapers bed towards a possibly frightened, possibly unawaew little child".By Prof.Emerito Patrizia Molinari
Simona La Mattina is born in Mistretta (Messina) Sicily (Italy), in February 25th, 1978.
Since the inception Simona often changes residence for family reasons, for this reason she develops a strong sensitivity towards immigrants whom they recognize common problems of adaptation in foreign places.
Simona started singing at the age of 5 years and she has a special aptitude for drawing since pre-school period.
By the age of 10 years Simona follows the Conservatory of Music in Frosinone
thus obtaining the diploma in Solfeggio and follows up to five years of piano lessons.
Her greatest love is for visual art as she graduates from the Art School and later graduates in Academy of Fine Arts with honors.
Followed by a series of events such as exhibitions.
In 2002 she works for the whole year at the Cinecittà studios with Arch.Tonino Zera, as an assistant Scenographer, she follows two movies with Vanzina brothers and collaborated for several spot in the thatres of Cinecittà.
In 2003 she works as an art director -Scenographer- in charge at the theater Hotel "Villaggio dei Pini" in Platamona (Ss) Sardinia. Also in 2003 she works for "Studio Verde Eventi" as a set designer for "Quo Vadis" in the city of Frosinone.
In 2004 she wins a scholarship that gives her a chance to live from March to May 2004 in Ft Lauderdale (Florida USA), where she studied English at Embassy CES and work experience as assistent Interior decorator at the "Achitectural Alliance" with the architect Doreen Gronewold. In 2004 in Italy she works producing Murales for commercial and private clients. Since 2005 she starts her career as an Interior Stylist in various companies in (Frosinone), in Bologna, Rome, in Palermo and in Paris.
Simona restarts her activity as a visual artist, for the public, with her exhibition "Graffi" in Milan (Tortona) in "Studio Iroko" since 15th to 30th December 2011, continues with a solo exhibition in Palermo at "Mutazioni", a center of art and culture since 20th of January to 3rd February 2012. She is reported and she get recognition to important critic and curator: Stefano Cecchetto and he invites her to attend the exhibition currently active at the Museo del Paesaggio in Torre di Mosto -Venice- until 9 December.
Two of her works interact with the works of other young artists and those with masters of the '900 as: L. Fontana, A. Burri, A. Tapies, Kounellis, etc.
Ténot Foundation has given a prize to Simona to support her Artistic Residency to Camac in France, where Simona will realize an artistic project for june and july 2013.
Simona is preparing new works (installations) for her solo exhibition at "La Villa Comunale" of Frosinone, sponsored by the City of Frosinone, since 5th April to 12nd April 2013.