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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Grafica

Piluca platas | Pietat
vedi ad alta risoluzione

conté, paper
150 x 120 cm

Piluca platas

nato/a a: Madrid- Spain

residenza di lavoro/studio: Madrid (SPAIN)

iscritto/a dal 18 apr 2013

sito web: http://www.pilucaplatas.com

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Descrizione Opera / Biografia

The work presented in competition is based on the well known ”Pietat”.

But this time represents the death of a town in the hands of the established power structures.
The executioner looks smiling at the viewer’s eyes, arousing their anger and discomfort.
Both characters wear masks, because there are no one specificly. This is a universal situation, we all know perfectly to small or large scale.
It´s up to the viewer, in his experience, to put them face and name.
Piluca Platas (1978, Madrid) studied Architecture at the Politecnical University of Madrid (ETSAM), Illustration and Comic at the Professional drawing School of Madrid (ESDIP), Painting at Pablo Sobich Studio,Photography , Comunication and Graphic Design at the Politecnical University of Madrid. She worked at different architectural proyects while she produced her work as a painter.
She has developed over the years a very personal style. She recreates surreal social scenes in abstract architectural landscapes. Intriguing and disturbing characters inhabit a weird urban stage, were they perform undefined activities. The message remains open for the imagination of a viewer, who gets lost in the image and creates his own fable.
She uses architecture as a conteiner .Just by shaping the sapce and reflecting the light, the volumes adquire a main roll in the story. Hybrid humans and animals perform, as in theatre, the comedy of life. A tragicomedy where behaviours get magnified and clearly visible.
Piluca produced 4 series during the last years: Masks, Gordas , Urban tragicomedies and Titans & Gallinaceous. She has exhibited in Madrid and Guadalajara. And continues developing her latest work , at her studio in Madrid.