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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Fotografia

Paola Bragado | shannon
vedi ad alta risoluzione

analogyc color photo, over ahnemühle paper
100 x 100 cm

Paola Bragado

nato/a a: Madrid

residenza di lavoro/studio: Madrid (SPAIN)

iscritto/a dal 05 mag 2013

sito web: http://www.paolabragado.com

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Paola Bragado | Marina

vedi ad alta risoluzione

analogyc color photo, over ahnemühle paper
100 x 100 cm

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vedi ad alta risoluzione

analogyc color photo, over ahnemühle paper
100 x 100 cm

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vedi ad alta risoluzione

analogyc color photo, over ahnemühle paper
100 x 100 cm

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

All journeys share at least one path: that which leads us from the thought to the expression and back, from the image to the idea. So when you come to articulate the conception of travel you have already begun the journey. I parted from pain, and when I became conscience of the fact, I had already moved on time ago. The three works that I present here are three journeys that weave in symbols and their meaning, between the idea, the thought and the return
to the image.
Golden West;
…as the plane flapped its huge wings, carrying her away through the clouds, she could feel the distance
growing between her and her executioners. If, by chance, one of them had got on the plane with her, she
bury him under the snow in the mounntains. In that distant place she remembered her lost childhood.
When i was six or seven they tried to tame me. It was then that i had my first concious experience with pain. Our gym
teacher made us open our legs wide open in the air, more and more, keeping our backs on the floor, until she began hearing some weeping. And I endured the pain. I would watch my teacher as she pressed hard on my right leg trying to make it touch the floor, while my left leg stretched towards the other side that seemed to be further and further away… It was as if suddenly everything they had explained to us about the earth’s curvature made sense: as the Earth was round, my legs would break before reaching the floor.
I was never able to understand the functioning of the world, why did it move, nor of the people who moved within it.
Looking for some kind of sense, I decided to climb very high, to the top of the mountains, and from there slide down over the world. The damn rocking made me lose my balance. To stand up and then to fall down again. Life became a frantic obstacle race. I would merely put together that series of abrupt movements creating my own dance, without any logic or rhythm… Dancing with life, dancing as the only possible way of life, as if overcoming an obstacle race through impossible contortions.
My encounter with them, dancers who do not touch the floor with both feet at the same time, is related with that experience of my childhood. “They” dance high up on a pedestal. They are like an object that is observed, admired but never touched, and i, thrugh their images, try to rescue some sort of virginity; their innocence.
It was before the snow melted, on the high mountains, that she was once again struck by an intense pain
that began at her groins. I once more felt the cold of the earth. At that momento, i made my first contact
with them, those who called themselves “ dancers”. They danced shamessly among the bodies of my
executioners. Those bodies that i had carefully buried under the snow…frozen, as if struck by a mortal
illness, they quietly waited for the next dance and them, the dancers, for the passing by an entire life.
2012 Grant awarded by Centro de Arte Alcobendas for the production of the exibition at “ Colegio España “ Paris.
Doctoral Master Universidad Complutense Madrid.
Honour Mention FNAC.
2002-03 Postgraduated scholarship Institut Superiéur des Beaux-Arts St Luc, Brussels. Belgium.
1997-02 Bachelor of Fine Arts by Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Degree in photography.
1995-96 Foundation Course at Chelsea School of Arts. London, U.K.
2013 “ Rval Berlin à Paris “ Colegio de España, Paris. France
Centro de Arte Alcobendas. From Grant Photography Creation 2012
2012 “ Raval-Berlín” Taché Gallery, Barcelona.
2008 “EGO”. Exibition Room Alcalá 31. Madrid
2006 “Waiting on you”. Photography. Butzlab Gallery. Hamburg. Germany
2003 “Ella ama”. Photography. Vacío 9 Gallery. Madrid.
2002 “Mis mujeres exquisitas”. Phtography. Usagexterne Gallery. Brussels. Belgium
2013 ARCO. Carles Taché Gallery, Madrid
“ De Madonna a Madonna “; Elisabeth Peyton, Ulrike Rosenbach, Rosa de
Tivoli, Irene Andessner, Erwin Olaf, Federico Madrazo y Kuntz, Simón Periton, Charly
White, Cristina Lucas, Pedro Barbeito, Alexis Esquivel, Chris Cunningham, Shirin
Neshat, Paola Bragado, etc. Artium, Musseum, Salamanca
One day exibition, After ARCO, Le New Gallery, Madrid.
2012 Choosen as “ Emerging Talent “ by newspaper El Pais, March,
2011 ARCO. Carles Taché Gallery
2010 Porfolio Collection with Alberto García-Alix, Ramón Massats, Luis Baylón, Javier Campano, Bernard Plossu, Nicolás
Combarro, Paola Bragado, Galería Carles Taché, Barcelona,
2007 ARCO. Vacío 9 Gallery.
2006 ARCO. Vacío 9 Gallery.
2004 “Tiempos de crisis”. Opening.Madrid.
2003 “Alas”. Burningman 03. Black Rock Desert. Nevada, EE.UU.
“Compémentaires”. Photography. Vacío 9 Gallery. Madrid.
“Agua”. Photography. Burningman 02. Black Rock Desert. Nevada, EE.UU.
2000 II Edition “ Complutense University Foundation Of Fine Arts Award” Museum of
Antrophology Of Madrid.
Muestra “Mujer e igualdad”. Conde Duque Museum. Madrid.
1999 II Edition “ Complutense University Foundation Of Fine Arts Award” Museum of
Antrophology Of Madrid
1995 “Final show”. Chelsea School of Arts. London, U.K.
2010-13 Chema Madoz assistant.
2006-10 Alberto García-Alix assistant.
2011 Editorial Coordination:
“ Chema Madoz “ Catalogue At Hermitage Museum Kazan
2010 Editorial coordination :
“ Chema Madoz “ International House of Photography. Moscow
2008 Editorial Cordination:
“Far from home” de Alberto García-Alix y Daido Moriyama. Kamel Mennour Gallery. París.
“De donde no se vuelve” Alberto García-Alix. MNCARS.
“Moriremos mirando” Alberto García-Alix. La Fábrica Editorial.
Production Coordination:
Exibition “La línea de sombra” Nicolás Combarro. Moriarty Gallery.
Exibition “De donde no se vuelve” Alberto García-Alix. MNCARS.
Still images for the film “De dónde no se vuelve” written and directed by Alberto García-Alix
Editorial coordination :
“Siempre el mismo cielo” Alberto García-Alix. Carles Taché Gallery. Barcelona.
Regular contributor to Rolling Stones, FM, MTV Magazine, Ruta 66, Onboard (Chamonix),
V magazine, Rojo, El duende, El Pais.¬¬
Contributor to record companies,; CD covers and promotion,for bands such as Arizona Baby,
Corizonas, Sex Museum, G-5, Los Delincuentes, Ls Coronas, Lavcaazul, Pitingo, Hanna,
Conchita, Loca María, Sweet Vandals, Bhuo Real, Adrede, Josete, Festimad. así comosiguientes