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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Pittura

Marco Ercoli | L’Albero della vita
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L’Albero della vita
olio, tela

Marco Ercoli

nato/a a:

residenza di lavoro/studio: Roma (ITALIA)

iscritto/a dal 19 apr 2013

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Marco Ercoli | Le rève

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Le rève
olio, tela

Marco Ercoli | Migrazioni interne

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Migrazioni interne
olio, carta

Marco Ercoli | Le sommeil

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Le sommeil
olio, tela

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

For Marco Ercoli, painting is nothing less than a contemplation of nature. To this end, he makes return to the traditional preparation of colours an essential ingredient of his work. Marco Ercoli is a real disciple of the rhythms of nature. His work is slow, like nature’s work.”Doesn’t it take dozens of years for a tree to reach maturity and acquire a majestic look? We must stop dashing about, and think about ours origins. People must have a much more contemplative approach to the world and their environment, they must listen more to their emotions in order to bring forth a new consciousness. I would like people to learn to discover and appreciate the simplicity of nture, and start to become aware of the contribution of solitude, the better to get to know themselves and their environment.”
Marco Ercoli (1986)
2008 - Roma - Vincitore premio qualità ”MarteLive” sezione pittura
2009 - Roma - Personale ”Materia ed Ego” Galleria Casina Giustiniani
2010 - Roma - Personale ”F(R)AME” Libreria Einaudi
2010 - Roma - Finalista Premio ”Maurizio Martolini” Finarte
2011 - Roma _ Collettiva ” Il segno d’italia ” Palazzetto Art Gallery.
2011 - Torino - Biennale di Venezia , Padiglione Italia.
2012 - France,Lehon - Exposition ”Les Ateliers du Plessix-Madeuc” Abbaye St Magloire