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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Pittura

Klaus Bittner | Lovely-Final-Time-01
vedi ad alta risoluzione

acrylic and graphite, on paper - museum-cartoon
70 x 50 cm cros

Klaus Bittner

nato/a a: Deschnei

residenza di lavoro/studio: Frankfurt (GERMANY)

iscritto/a dal 08 apr 2013

sito web: http://www.atelier-bittner.de

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Klaus Bittner | Lovely-Final-Time-02

vedi ad alta risoluzione

acrylic and graphite, on paper - museum-cartoon
70 x 50 cm cros

Klaus Bittner | Lovely-Final-Time-03

vedi ad alta risoluzione

acrylic and graphite, on paper - museum-cartoon
70 x 50 cm cros

Klaus Bittner | Lovely-Final-Time-04

vedi ad alta risoluzione

acrylic and graphite, on paper - museum-cartoon
70 x 50 cm cros

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Painting-Drawing-Photography-Digital Art-Objects-Installation-Land Art
Studio:in Frankfurt a.M. / Germany
1944 born in Deschnei (Czech Republic)
since 1971
44 solo exhibitions in Germany, Italy, USA, Spain, France
74 participations in exhibitions and art projects in Germany and foreign countries
since 1969
Painting and Drawing
Organizer of the ”Grafic Meeting” Frankfurt-Taschkent / Usbekistan
since 1980
Co-organizer of 8 public art projects
Teacher for painting and drawing at the ”Free Evening Scool Frankfurt”
since 1987
Artist-studio in Frankfurt
since 1988
Chemical pictures, objects and room-installations
since 1988
Member of the art associations: BBK, Artothek Frankfurt, U4 frAnkfuRT
since 1989
Thematic exhibitions, conception: the ”Variable Reaction”
since 1989
Thematic exhibitions (installations, paintings, objects, mixed media, performance)
since 1993
Land Art, Copy-Art, Performance
since 1994
Artist-studio in Bages, South-France
since 2000
Art projects in public space
since 2007
Photography / Digital Art
since 2009
Longtime art project “Climate Change”
Selection of exhibitions and art projects since 2002:
2002 Bages/France, House of Arts, Room-Installation, Paintings, Drawings
2002 Wiesbaden/Germany, outside - installation “baden geh’n - aufersteh’n”, (with D. Engler)
2003 Frankfurt-BBK, performance „obsequies“, idea, organisation and direction with 17 artists
2004 Bischofsheim/Germany, art project “Gangart 2” / Land Art - Installation “Abwehr”
2005 Bages/France, “The Return 1”, Land Art - Installation
2006 Bad Wildungen/Germany, on the way to the castle, installation “destiny of the trees”
2007 Bages/France, “The Return 2”, 2 Land Art-Installations
2008 Seligenstadt/Germany, landscape museum, exhibition “Lovely Final Time”
2008 Wiesbaden/Germany, art association Walkmühle, “Rhythm”
2009 Bages/France, project “AGAVE”, 3 installations and photography/digital art
2009 Wiesbaden/Germany, Art Association Bellevue-Saal, paintings, installation, digital art
2010 Bages/France, “The Return 3”, Land Art-Installation
2010 Frankfurt/Germany, art mile “Berger 2900”, exhibition at U4 frAnfuRT
2010 Duisburg/Germany, Biennale Ruhr 2010, Arts Centre Liebfrauen-kirche, “climate change”
2010 Frankfurt/Germany, Open Doors, solo exhibition, Studio Bittner
2010 Bages/France, the collection of “Maison des Arts”
2010 Riegel/Germany, Messmer-Foundation, André Evard-avard exhibition, photography
2011 Karlsruhe/Germany, Höpfner-Foundation, exhibition photo avard
2011 Frankfurt/Germany, Show-Room Eulengasse Photography/Digital- Art (Volume 1)
2011 Frankfurt/Germany, Show-Room Eulengasse, Photography/Digital- Art (Volume 2)
2012 Frankfurt/Germany, Show-Room Eulengasse, Photography/Digital- Art (Volume 3)
2012 Stuttgart/Germany, art association,exhibition ”my studio”
2012 Frankfurt/Germany, Luminale of 2012, light-installation “1 Candela” Show-Room Eulengasse
2012 Güstrow/Germany, town-gallery, art avard “ecology”, photography/digital art
2012 Wesseling/Cologne / Germany, art avard “point with no return”, photography/digital art
2012 Dragons Museum of Germany Lindenfels, international Mail Art - exhibition, photogtaphy
2013 Online-exhibition “dark and bright” at ArtPackage.de
2013 Frankfurt/Germany, Show-Room Eulengasse, exhibition “Polversum” photography.digital art
2013 Online-exhibition “one step to art-now” at ArtPackage.de