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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Fotografia

Jacqueline Tune | ICEAGE, oct 2012
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ICEAGE, oct 2012
digital, carta fotografica

Jacqueline Tune

nato/a a: Londra

residenza di lavoro/studio: Siena (ITALIA)

iscritto/a dal 05 mag 2013

sito web: http://jacquelinetune@gmail.co…

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Jacqueline Tune | KINDLE EMAIL, march 2013

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KINDLE EMAIL, march 2013
digital, carta fotografica
80x 60

Jacqueline Tune | PLAYSTATION, oct 2012

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digital, carta fotografica
80x 60

Jacqueline Tune | PHOTOSHOP, nov 2012

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PHOTOSHOP, nov 2012
digital, carta fotografica
80 x 60

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

’Iceage’ and the supporting images are taken from the series ’WHAT WE BUY’ (inspired by the series WHAT WE BOUGHT by Robert Adams). In this series of portraits I am looking at our habitual use of, involvement in and dependency on technology in everyday work and play.
I am fascinated by ’us’, by what we do, and what we are doing to this world. I try and tell the stories of the people I photograph, how we live today and the land where I live. My family and the places where I grew up are constant subjects I always return to. The ties and knots that keep us together and divide us. I live along way from them, perhaps this is why I photograph them obsessively whenever I can. 
With a consistently developing fascination of the land and subjects I discover where I live, I try to create visual poems working images together whether in triptychs, series or multi-imaging. I find working images together tell a fuller story, the need to create an ’ image that thinks’ being foremost in my intent.
”Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, 
 the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting - over and over announcing your place in the family of things.” Mary Oliver .
Jacqueline Tune received her degree in Photography and Media Studies at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design, in England in 1988. She has a studio in Tuscany . Her artworks have been exhibited and published nationally and  internationally since 1989. In 2012 she was the winner of the Premio Celeste, for which she has been a finalist in 2009 and finalist for the Celeste Prize in 2011 and 2012. In 2012 she participated in a project Missing Places in Belgrade, Serbia curated by Dejan Atanackovic. She has also taken part in the exhibition COLORS , Fabrica; Les Yeux Ouverts at the Pompidou Centre in Paris. She teaches photography at Siena Art Institute and Siena School For The Liberal Arts.
Jacqueline Tune ha conseguito la laurea e una specializzazione in Photography and Media Studies al Bournemouth e Poole College di Arte e Design, in Inghilterra 1988. Ha uno studio in Toscana, dove realizza fotografie e oggetti multimateriale . I suoi lavori sono stati esposti in Italia e all’estero da 1989. Nel 2012 ha vinto il Premio Celeste dopo esserne già stata finalista negli anni 2008 e finalista nel 2011 e 2012 al Celeste Prize nella sezione fotografia. Ha partecipato nel progetto Missing Places a Belgrado, curato da Dejan Atanackovic, una collaborazione fra fotografi e guide Serbe con disabilità. Nel 2007 è stata selezionata per partecipare ad un progetto del magazine “Colors” alla mostra “Fabrica: les yeux ouverts” allestita al Centro Pompidou di Parigi. E’ insegnante di fotografia al Siena Art Institute e alla Siena School for Liberal Arts.
Vincitore del PREMIO CELESTE 2012
Vincitore del BENSON AND HEDGES STUDENT AWARD for Photography 1988
2011 Echoes ; Benvivre, Siena
2008 Inside Stories ; Galleria Albero Celeste, San Gimignano
2007 Fotografie e Metallo ; Coiné, Colle Val D’Elsa
2005 Metametallo ; Gap’s Spazio , Asti
1998 Fotografie e Oggetti ; Il Sapia, Colle Val D’Elsa
1989 Fotografie Blu ; Trinity Arts Centre , Tunbridge Wells , UK
1989 The Woman You Are ; Bournemouth College of Art Gallery, UK
2013 Occhi sul Mondo; SenzaLimite Gallery, Colle Val D’Elsa, Siena.
2012 What Was Left ; Tavistock Centre , London
2012 Earth/Terra ; Accademia Fisiocritici, Siena
1988 Pittura e Fotografia ; Omphalos Gallery, LondraSELECTED GROUP EXHIBITIONS
2012 Celeste Prize International
2012 finalisti ; Centrale Montemartini, Roma
2012 Premio Celeste
2012 finalisti ; Ex- GIL, Roma
2012 Arte e il Grand Tour Nelle Crete Senese ; Musei Senese, Siena
2012 Missing Places ; Belgrado , Serbia
2011 Drawn Together ; Siena Art Institute, Siena
2011 Celeste Prize Finalist Show ; Invisible Dog, New York
2011 Waterways ; Casolae Art Festival, Casole D’Elsa
2010 Alberi/ Trees ; Galleria Arte e Colori, Montaione , Firenze
2010 Tuscon Icons ; Galleria Istantanea, Siena
2009 Fotografia e Pittura ; Galleria Albero Celeste , San Gimignano
2009 Independtendency ; Celeste Network, Biennale di Venezia
2009 Britmania- Artisti Britanici in Italia ; Firenze
2008 Untitled ; Siena School for the Liberal Arts, Istituto Pendola, Siena
2008 Colle Gioco - Fotografie, Istallazione e Pittura ; Colle Val D’Elsa 2008 Premio Celeste 2008
finalisti ; Fabbrica Borroni , Milano
2007 Progetto Fabrica: Les Yeux Overts ; Centro Pompidu , Parigi
2006 Donne e Arte Nella Val D’Elsa ; Abbadia Isola, Siena 2004 Domestic Art ; Biale Cerruti Galleria, Siena
1998 Scultura, Fotografie, Pittura ; Pergola , Radicondoli
1988 The Show ; Photographers’ Gallery, Londra
2008 A SENSE OF PLACE ; Martina and Mads Mogensen, DOM publications
2008 ELLE DECOR ; articolo editoriale 2005 VILLE E GIARDINI ; articolo editoriale
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2001 SKONA HEM ; Danish interiors magazine
2001 HANDMADE IN ITALY ; Artisti in Italia John Ferro Sims
2001 COUNTRY; redazione Tedesca
1998 ELLE DÉCOR Italia
1988 HOTSHOE photography magazine.
1988 IMAGE photography magazine. 1988 CREATIVE REVIEW photography magazine.
1988 CREATIVE CAMERA photography magazine.