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Gianluca Maver | Web_2012#001 Precariousness
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Web_2012#001 Precariousness
video, hd

Gianluca Maver

nato/a a: Seriate BG

residenza di lavoro/studio: Montevarchi AR (ITALIA)

iscritto/a dal 04 mag 2013

sito web: http://www.gianlucamaver.com

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Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Web_2012#001 is the result of a photographic project entitled Web_2010 which is aimed to show the sense of precariousness and fragility through the web, a natural subject tended to relate to and forced to interact with the space, with all its slowness and gentleness . Looking at the extreme fragility and lightness of these plots perfect enchant you by the power of harmony and subtlety of textures that analyzed in detail lead to a spontaneous sense of wonder, so catching the essence of nature.
This sense of intangibility leads us to reflect on the precariousness of the web and by extension to the fragility and the ultimate meaning of reality.
The video was completed with the addition of a sound part, essential to create a sensory processing tended to emphasize more our precariousness and the relationship of moving textures with space.
Gianluca Maver (1972, Italy),
info@gianlucamaver.com www.gianlucamaver.com
After completing his studies at the Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence in 1999, began working as a photographer with a penchant for research and as a photography teacher. Currently he is teacher and head of the photography department at the Lorenzo de Medici Institute in Florence.
His works have been shortlisted and awarded prizes in several competitions, among the most significant: in 2000, Prize for a photographic project, organized by the Fondazione Studio Marangoni; Portfolio in Piazza 2000, curated by Victoria Ciolini in Savignano sul Rubicone; in 2004 was shortlisted by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Fort Collins, Colorado, in 2005 and 2007 Premio arti visive San Fedele in Milan; in the 2012 Selected artist Premio Tiziano, La coscienza psicologiga, curated by Pietro Negri Editore, Italy
Among the numerous solo and group exhibitions, where he has exhibited his works since 1997, we would highlight the following done in the recent years: in the 2006, Open Day, by Daria Filardo, at FSM Gallery in Florence; L’Arno un percorso visivo, curated by Anna Maria Amonaci, in Piazza della Passera in Florence; in 2007,They Looked in while on It Happened at the Galerie Image in Aarhus Denmark; FotoGrafia international festival of photography in Rome curated by Marco Delogu; in 2008 Visages en Pose at the gallery Maurizio Nobile Loft curated by Anna Mari Amonaci in Bologna; in 2011, MIA Milan Image Art Fair, curated by Fabio Castelli in Milan, Contaminazioni Ambientali, curated by Francesco Gavilli at Villa Barberino in Meleto; Spostamenti / Shifts, curated by Fausto Forte for Casa Masaccio contemporary Art in San Giovanni V.no, and Natural Forms, at the gallery RB contemporary curated by R. / M. Redaelli and Alessandra Barlassina in Milan Italy; nel 2012; PhC Capalbiofotografia Collecting Landscape, curated by Marco Delogu and Alessandro Dandini de Sylva in Capalbio Italy; MIA Milan Image Art Fair curated by Fabio Castelli with RB Contemporary Gallery in Milan Italy; Web_2010, Arthouse in Edinburgh curated by Wallace Shaw, in Edinburgh Scotland; Casa Masaccio arte contemporanea, “L’arte della fuga”, curated by Fausto Forte, Casa Masaccio, San Giovanni V.no, Italy; The Others Fair, curated by RBcontemporary, Torino; Le Murate “Luca Prigioniera” 10 anni dopo, a cura di Mauro Magrini e Martino Marangoni, Ex carceri le Murate, Firenze; nel 2013, Web_2010/Web_2012, BAM bottega di Antonio Manta, Montevarchi, Italy.