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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Pittura

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mista: pittura, collage, stampa su tela, assemblaggio, filo, tavola di legno

Francesca Fini

nato/a a: Rome

residenza di lavoro/studio: Roma (ITALIA)

iscritto/a dal 06 mar 2013

sito web: http://www.francescafini.com

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Francesca Fini | ONE KEY

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mista: pittura, assemblaggio, filo di lana, tavola di legno

Francesca Fini | MAPPING THE VOID # 1

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mista: grafica, stampa, assemblaggio, filo di lana, tavola di legno

Francesca Fini | 5 ACTIONS (dettaglio)

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5 ACTIONS (dettaglio)
mista: pittura, collage, stampa su tela, assemblaggio, filo, tavola di legno

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

5 ACTIONS WITH RED GLOVES belongs to the project CIRCUITS, a series of mixed-media works that assemble and integrate traditional painting, collage, digital manipulation of video stills printed on canvas or paper, performance art “relics” and digital discs (DVDs, miniCDs) used as design elements in the artwork but also containing original audio and video. A woolen thread ties and holds together all these elements, creating a sort of “connective” drawing which becomes the signature of the project.
FIVE ACTIONS WITH RED GLOVES is a work of mixed media on a 1.5 mt X 1.5 mt wooden board. The board was first decorated with scratches on a painted surface, while the female image was digitally painted using a videostill as a reference. The image was then printed on canvas and “sewn” on the board with thumbtacks and a complicated weaving of red woolen thread. The red wool also becomes graphic decoration, recalling the idea of the game while covering the nakedness of the figure. On the panel are also fixed the red latex gloves that are the cornerstone of the videoperformance inspired by the painting. The videoperformance is contained in the disc attached to the belly of the female figure.
The main concept of the work lies in this ongoing shift from analog to digital and back, like a needle going in and out while sewing a fabric.
The video contained in the disk which is embedded in the work, fixed on the belly of the female figure, is a dreamlike journey into the unconscious in which the female figure is doubled and splitted. There are a number of elements around which the performance develops: the red shiny latex gloves become a living matter that blends with the other red objects: the red wire, the plastic chair, the dress, the artwork on the background. It ‘s a game of optical illusions and metamorphosis in which the space of the performance is continuously redrawn by the architecture of the movement and transformation of the color red in its various epiphanies: the aerial impalpable nature of the red thread, the solid state of the red plastic chair, the almost liquid nature of the red gloves and dress.
for more info about the project: http://circuiti.tumblr.com/
Videoartist and live media performer living and working in Rome. She approached the world of contemporary art in 2000, when she met the American conceptual artist Kristin Jones, and began collaborating on the “Tevereterno” (Eternal Tiber) project, creating urban installations for the City of Rome. She currently participates as a videoartist and live media performer in exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world and international festivals such as Magmart, Cologne Off, Fonlad, Berlin Directors Lounge, Videohlica, Contravision Film Fest, WRO New Media Art Biennale, Streaming Festival, File - Electronic Language International Festival, FAD Brasil, Athens Videoart Festival, LPM Live Performers Meeting and many others. In march 2012 she was among the winners of Magmart Videoart Festival with the video “Blood”. She was recently invited to take part to the “Venice International Performance Art Week”, featuring Yoko Ono and Hermann Nitsch among the others (http://www.veniceperformanceart.org).
blog: http://francescafini.tumblr.com/