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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Pittura

DIOStEOiga | El Baile de las Anémonas II
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El Baile de las Anémonas II
acrílico, tela (lienzo)


nato/a a: Madrid

residenza di lavoro/studio: Madrid (SPAIN)

iscritto/a dal 27 mar 2013

sito web: http://diosteoiga.tumblr.com/

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DIOStEOiga | Erase una Vez

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Erase una Vez
acrílico, tela (lienzo)

DIOStEOiga | El Hada MAdrina

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El Hada MAdrina
gouache, tela (lienzo)

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Welcome to DiosTeOiga¡
I am Cristina and this is my new artistic project. Here you will find my paintings.
I paint for fun. And that’s all.
No sketches, no themes, no plans, no thoughts…
It is just emotions.
I hope you enjoy yourself. Thanks for coming.
See you,
Cristina Mesa