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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Fotografia

Derrick Santini | Goddess Of Love
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Goddess Of Love
lenticular, frame and glass

Derrick Santini

nato/a a: Scarborough

residenza di lavoro/studio: London (UNITEDKINGDOM)

iscritto/a dal 07 apr 2013

sito web: http://www.derricksantini.com

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Derrick Santini | Future Bird

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Future Bird
lenticular, frame and glass

Derrick Santini | Seven For A Secret

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Seven For A Secret
lenticular, frame and glass

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

The Lenticular works presented here explore the themes of life, energy and story-telling through interaction, exploiting the understated and largely un-tapped uniqueness of this familiar and yet rarely seen medium.
Despite lenticular imagery having been around for at quite a few decades in their present incarnation (and before that as diligently laid out strips of folded paper, creating the same kinetic illusion), we are still enthralled. Like a moth to a flame, a ‘Magic Lantern’, Plato’s cave or a penny flick-book, we humans have a very base fascination with flickering, moving shapes and images.
Lenticulars also have an imbued relevance at this incredible juncture of the human condition; like us, they are caught between worlds of varying realities and tangible beliefs. We are all looking into the mirror while staring into the void, just like the lines that split the lenticular lens into opposing realities or fused dreams. What appears to be one thing is suddenly something else, cause and effect, modernity, now.
The in-between, the changeling, a ‘world within a world’… are the constant themes that motivate and propel my work and the lenticular process encapsulates these elements and virtues beautifully, the medium conveying the message as much as the content.
‘Goddess Of Love’ and the other works, all have their roots in mythology, fantasy and folklore - and are the culmination of long harbored thoughts and ideas, based around people, birds and the metaphysical world that binds these creatures and characters, especially the place where they intersect and crossover. For many years I wanted to bring the ‘Leda and the Swan’ story to life, but in photography or film it never happened. The lenticular process became the catalyst to eventually realising it, and making the fable mine, modern and live again.
DS 06 04 13
Born: 1965. Scarborough, England
BA Hons in Photography and Communication, LCP now LCC
BTEC in Photography, Harrogate College
Young Masters Award - shortlisted Artist.
Metamorphosis, solo exhibition at Scream; London, UK
Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair (SODA Gallery solo show); Istanbul, TR
Scream Now, group exhibition, Scream; London, UK
I Love You, solo exhibition, Doyle Devere; London, UK
Collection Part II, group exhibition, Scream; London, UK
I Want To f*** You, solo exhibition, Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery; London, UK
Soul i-D, group exhibition, Christie’s; London, UK
Soul i-D, group exhibition, Christie’s; New York, NY
Eye on the Natives ‘Red Stream’ live photo-stream from Beijing to BBlessing; New York, NY
4 photographic portraits obtained by the National Portrait Gallery; London, UK
Persona, solo exhibition, Kingsland Road Gallery; London, UK
Persona, solo exhibition, Rendez-Vous Salon; Paris, FR
Persona, solo exhibition, Lot 61; New York, US
Persona, solo exhibition, Soho Grand Gallery; New York, NY
Persona, solo exhibition, Microzine; Liverpool, UK
‘Persona’, published by Dazed Books – 2004