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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Pittura

Daisuke Ujuan | Slave
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oil paint, canvas
72.8 x 91.0 cm

Daisuke Ujuan

nato/a a: Kagoshima, Japan

residenza di lavoro/studio: Kawasaki City (JAPAN)

iscritto/a dal 11 apr 2013

sito web: http://www.artist-listing.com/…

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Daisuke Ujuan | The Birth of Right and Left

vedi ad alta risoluzione

The Birth of Right and Left
oil paint, canvas
91 x 72,8 cm

Daisuke Ujuan | Self-portrait in Bacon

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Self-portrait in Bacon
oil paint, canvas
45,5 x 53

Daisuke Ujuan | The sunset over the hill

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The sunset over the hill
oil paint, canvas
80,3 x 100

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Daisuke Ujuan is a Japanese artist. Daisuke was born January 9, 1973, Kagoshima prefecture of Japan. At the age of 18, he moved to Tokyo and studied graphic design at Chubi Central Art School in. School didn’t interest him much and he quit due to the lack of funds. After leaving the school, Daisuke has been heavily influenced by the Western culture, particularly Western Music and imagery. He began oil painting in 1998. In 2001 he traveled to Italy to explore different horizons. In 2005 Daisuke’s painting ”The End of the World” won a prize at The 24th IZUBI painting competition in Japan. In 2008 he had his own first solo exhibition at the Gallery Art Point, Tokyo. In 2009 he participated in group exhibition called ”The Birth of Right and Left” at the Ico Gallery, New York. Some of Daisuke’s artworks are kept in private collections in the USA, Italy, Belgium, Russia and Japan.