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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Grafica

Anna Pont | under my umbrella
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under my umbrella
watercolour and pencil, paper

Anna Pont

nato/a a: Ripoll

residenza di lavoro/studio: Vic (SPAIN)

iscritto/a dal 17 apr 2013

sito web: http://annapontblog@gmail.com

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Anna Pont | nintendo

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watercolour and pencil, paper

Anna Pont | game over

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game over
watercolour and pencil, paper

Anna Pont | black & white

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black & white
watercolour and pencil, paper

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Anna Pont Armengol. Ripoll (1975)
Self-taught artist. In my compositions, I almost always use graphite mixed with watercolour.
I draw everyday situation, scenes of a reality, sometimes altered from my own personal view, that move between sense of humor and critical expression.
The relationship between drawing and empty space on the paper reinforces the importance of each particular scene; this added to the decision to isolate the people from their more extensive environment, allow the viewer to create their own history.
2010 individual exhibition of six of my pencil drawings (120 x 120 cm) in the Casino of Vic (Barcelona).
2011 Arte Laguna Prize 2011-2012: the work “NINTENDO” was selected and exhibited in the Arte Laguna Prize in Venecia and published in the catalog.
2012 Florence-Shanghai Prize 2012-2013: 2nd prize winner (painture section): the award includes: participation in a collective exhibition in Shanghai and Florence / promotion for a year of my work in China/ a catalog publication of my selected artworks.