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Anna Nykyri | Five fragments of the extinct empathy (english title)
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Five fragments of the extinct empathy (english title)
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Anna Nykyri

nato/a a:

residenza di lavoro/studio: Helsinki (FINLAND)

iscritto/a dal 12 apr 2013

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

In recent years, human rights organizations have repeatedly critized the Nordic countries, Finland in particular, for their unwieldy response to violence
against women. A short documentary about the lack of empathy for and violence against women in Finland.
Anna Nykyri (b. 1981) is a visual artist and a director. She
works with moving images in the fields of film industry,
theater, visual arts and tel- evision. She uses film and
archive material to create documentary films and cinematic
video installations. The themes of her works are often po-
litical, covering questions of power and control, the
structures of propa- ganda qualities: her intention is to
construct the films in a way that they give the appearance of
a dance of images, the handiwork of a choreogra- pher. She
is also interested in the pictorial properties of film – the film as a spatial painting.