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Alessandro Ambrosini | The analysis generates possibility
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The analysis generates possibility
video, mini projection 100x 70 or lcd screen

Alessandro Ambrosini

nato/a a: Vicenza

residenza di lavoro/studio: Vicenza (ITALIA)

iscritto/a dal 21 apr 2013

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Alessandro Ambrosini | ANOTHER STORY

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video, mini projection 100x 70 or lcd screen
1’ 24 + text

Alessandro Ambrosini | SOMEONE

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video, mini projection 100x 70 or lcd screen
1’47 trailer

Alessandro Ambrosini | http://www.seeyoursoulwithatelescope.com/

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video, social project-database of utopias
2012 to 2056

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

The analysis generates possibility
Video colour/sound 3’12’’
A small silver flag that casts the birds from the garden and then ...? The first solar thermal center built in the French Pyrenees in 1970. With only the wind blowing as an accompaniment: two products of human intelligence a contact with nature.
In the beginning, my art works were about the analysis of limits and impossibilities, as though every limit could create a different possibility on a physical, psychological and relational level. Because of my past and present experiences ( due to a unknown virus, I’ve been using a wheelchair for three years and just recently I restarted walking again) and based on personal reflections, I thought about the need of a message inside my works.I think art is able to communicate messages, analysis, feelings, concepts and senses. I think today the attention to “invisible” details and the underlining of the reality’s inter- stices, could be considered as an out-dated way to represent our complex, chaotic and sometimes dramatic time. Our present life is so different in many elements, but could be uniform in other ways. In this way an object can unite different situations in the world, and so a little problem can create a worldwide revolution. I trying not to stop myself at the small examples of our everyday life, but trying to under- stand what are the things that can relate each other, analyzing common themes. However my work is to analyze examples of joy and hope, or new possibilities and utopias made by people. I think being confident and having hope, trying to create something good to improve our society can be an important component that should be analyzed and broadcasted to other people. In some ways my work should be considered like a sociological analysis, like a writer that collects elements and then abstracts from them, or like a journalist that wants to spread them out as simple, clear and terse as possible. In the first example, the writer one, my message-report-video will be based on real facts and elements and then abstracted from them to express my idea. In the second example I’ll decide the theme of my analysis and I’ll make a research, without any literary abstraction, just using the reality. So I’ll have real texts, video, pictures that will be based on reality and real information. The other projects will be created by sociological analysis, communications, interviews and ideas that I’ll collect and then spread to other people in a simple way.
Alessandro Ambrosini
He studied at the Academy of Art in Venice and the Academy of Art in Milan(Brera).
He lives in Vicenza, Milan and Berlin.
2007 Workshop with Maria Papadimitriou
2007 Workshop Real Presence- Floating Sites , Istambul.
2006 Workshop with Adrian Paci in ViaFarini, Milan. Anno
2006 Workshop with Antoni Muntadas in ViaFarini, Milano.
2005 Workshop with Claudio Parmiggiani in Academic of Art in Milan
2004 Workshop in IUAV, Venice, with Antoni Muntadas.
2003 Continuative project with Cesare Pietroiusti for Riserva Artificiale.
Real presence 2007 Belgrade
Real Presence 2006 Belgrade-Istambul Spinola Banna, 2011, Poirino, Torino
Solo show:
2010 Eductcontemporary, London
2012 Bevilacqua la Masa Foundation, Venice
2012 Videoneminute, Amsterdam
2012 Athens Video Art festival, Atene 2011 Spinola Banna foundation-residency
2010 Video it, Merz Foundation, Turin 2010 Camera Video, March FondationPadua;
2010 “Loop festival” Barcelona
2010 “Contact-s” Torre Annunziata, Naples
2009 “Biennale of Mediterran” Skopje 2009 “Refresh”, Civic Gallery of Monfalcone
2009 Spinola Banna, Foundation Turin
2008 City One Minutes Making video Portraits of the city of Las Vegas
2008 “190 artist for Care Of”, Care Of, Milan
2008 “The word is yours”, Milan
2008 “Archipelag08” Nova Goritza
2007”Abbiamo fatto bene ad uscire” with Paolo Toffoluti in Villa Butrio, Udine
2007 MKM, magacin u Kraljevica Marka, “Real Presence 07”, Belgrade
2007 Videoart-Yearbook
2007, Bologna by Renato Barilli, Bologna 2007 2VIDEO, network www.undo.net
2007 Gemine Muse 07 in Biella
2007 “Austerlitz”Ciocca Arte contemporanea gallery, Milan
2006-07 “Talk to the City 06” Careof- Fabbrica del vapore, Milan
2006 “40x40 Circa”Pad, in Veron.
2006 “Real Presence 06”, Belgrade by Biljana Tomic and Dobrila Denegri
2006 “Tende a Infinito” Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Venice
2005 “Honey –Money”,Assab- One, Milan, by Roberto Pinto and Gabi Scardi.
2003 50°VENICE BIENNNAL. Special project“RISERVA ARTIFICIALE”, with Cesare Pie- troiusti