Special Prize



Special Prizes

Seven galleries, an independent space, and Poliart join the Special Prizes of Combat Prize 2022. Each gallery/space, autonomously from the judging panel of the Prize, will select an artist among the eighty finalists in order to realise a new collaboration (solo or collective show or site-specific project). All the exhibitions and events will take place in the exhibition season 2022-2023. The project is designed to continue the artistic research and give continuity to the comparison opened during the participation in the Prize.


IAGA Contemporary Art is a gallery founded in 2014 in Cluj-Napoca, Rumania, in the region of Transylvania. The gallery, born from the entrepreneurial desire of the collector Alberto Pierobelli and specialised in contemporary art, includes an accurate selection of modern artworks, to be understood as moments of reflection on the evolution of contemporary languages and as places of comparison between the various artistic researches. IAGA’s mission is to create connections within artists from all over Europe, as well as a network of artists, collectors, and art experts. The gallery promotes artists from Rumania, Italy, Poland, Moldova, and other countries, with particular attention to young artists, who are given the opportunity of growth in this sector. Despite being a young gallery, IAGA is extremely active in Rumania, as the fervent gallery activity demonstrates – coordinated by Rosalba Di Pietro, gallery manager – with about six exhibitions per year, several collaborations with artistic institutions and galleries from all over the world, and a consistent participation in fairs and international events in Europe.


ADD-art is a contemporary art gallery. ADD-art approaches to art in a transversal way, looking for new synergies in hybrid market's areas and, particularly attentive to new art forms, focuses on interactions within different disciplines by promoting contaminations between different artistic-scientific sectors. Consistent with its transdisciplinary investigation, ADD-art studies interferences between visual arts, architecture, fashion, design, music, market, and technology, supporting the possibility of letting emerge, from the comparison of these several disciplines, the existence of new data and multiple levels of crossing which act as a junction and joint within the disciplines themselves.


LABS Contemporary Art has been operating in the Bolognese territory since October 2014. Since its inception, the space was created as a place dedicated to research, with particular attention to the dialogue between historicized art and contemporary art, with an eye to the territory and the history of Bologna. There is a strong link between the exhibition space and the history of the city. The building, where our gallery is located, dates back to the 13th century, when the Church of S. Maria della Ceriola stood in its place, an aspect that can still be appreciated today in the architectural complex of the structure.


Lunetta11 is located in an ancient village of the seventeenth century, in the Alta Langa area in the region of Piedmont. A place in constant dialogue with the surrounding territory and contemporary art, with particular attention to artistic expressions of the new generations. A gallery founded in 2019, directed by Claudia Zunino and Francesco Pistoi.


MAG | Magazzeno Art Gallery is a gallery engaged in exhibiting and promoting contemporary art in all its declinations. Founded by Alessandra Carini in Ravenna in 2016, in a former sulphur warehouse (from which it takes its name), it has focused ever since on the promotion and the exhibition of fine art works influenced by the urban culture. In January 2020, MAG moved to the first floor of a palace dating from 1836, in the historical centre of Ravenna: a more intimate space to welcome collectors and visitors that best represents the concept of an inclusive gallery, open and hospitable. In the meanwhile, a small space in Bologna city centre gets open. MAG reconsiders the gallery space and adapts it to the needs of nowadays, by directing more attention on fairs, on-line sale, and temporary exhibitions in pop-up spaces, increasing thus the visibility of its artists in different spaces respects the merely gallery or museum spaces and also increasing a diversified public for provenience, age, and interests. Since March 2020 MAG becomes part of ANGAMC, Associazione Nazionale Gallerie d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea. It collaborates with Bonobolabo since 2017.


Marina Bastianello Gallery was inaugurated in October 2012 in the heart of Mestre. The gallery changed location in 2018, moving to the urban district of M9 Museum. The characteristic of the Marina Bastianello Gallery is to show almost exclusively artists born (anagraphically) in the 80s, following them step by step and building this way a cultural fulcrum for emerging talents. In these years, the gallery has worked with institutions and national museums. In addition, the gallery participates in national and international contemporary art fairs.


Based in the neighbourhood of San Lorenzo in Rome, Matèria opened its doors to the public in 2015. The gallery proposes an exhibition programme that touches upon all aspects of Contemporary Art. Since its founding, Matèria’s purpose has been the furthering and development of the work of its selected group of Artists. The gallery programme features four exhibitions per calendar year, conceived and produced directly with its artists and often in dialogue with the space through a site specific approach. Matèria’s gallery shows strive to further the research and experimentation aspects of artistic practice, with the results of this approach often showcased in a growing list of Italian and international art fairs. Matèria represents the work of Fabio Barile, Giulia Marchi, Karen Knorr, Mario Cresci, Xiaoyi Chen, Giuseppe De Mattia, Marta Mancini, Stefano Canto and Eduardo Fonseca e Silva & Francisca Valador.


Since 2019, the SAC – Spazio Arte Contemporanea is the new exhibition venue of the Cultural Association Blob ART. The Cultural Association Blob ART is a non-profit organisation for the promotion of contemporary artistic research, which has been passionately encouraging cultural experimentation in all its forms, in Italy, since 2009.



The company, leader in the processing of expanded polystyrene, will award an artist selected among the finalists, supporting the production of a work. The maximum format can be 200 x 60 x 80 cm. Technical specifications:

  • Digital mathematical acquisition through a 3D scanner on a clay sketch or other material for subsequent CAD / CAM processing. 
  • Sculpture in anthropomorphic 7-axis strategy with 3 mm tool tip conical on EPS HD, expanded polystyrene in high density with approximate dimensions of cm. 200*60*80. 
  • Surface finish with micro-embossed polyurethane resin. Single color painting on RAL code supplied.