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 | Without title

Without title
acrilico su cartaacrylic paint on paper, acryl/paper
73 x 110 cm

Victor Vergauwen

nato/a a Lier
residenza di lavoro/studio: Kontich, BELGIUM

iscritto/a dal 06 apr 2020

visualizzazioni: 698


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

About my art:

We live in a colorful world. We are all surrounded with color every day. As an artist I always try to take it to the next level. My artwork is fresh, lively, and colorful and it is important that people can easily relate to my work. We all still have our inner child that is often dying to come out, to live again. That is also why my artwork is characterized by sudden naïve, almost childish depicted forms/shapes.
Also important for people to know is that my work never contains politically inspired messages or subjects, though I do believe that it is important to bring a certain message to the audience. I want my work to have meaning to people, to inspire people and again to create an identification/ liaison with the audience.
I build up my work step by step without knowing the outcome beforehand. Ambiguity is an important part of it. I never give my work a title. That is up to the viewer.
What other people say about my work.
I quote
The elements of the figurative art of Victor Vergauwen give the term purity a whole new dimension. A dimension that goes way beyond the tradition concept of just some square meters. The art works are original, pristine and characterized by accuracy and brightness. The visual elements empower the articulated, poetic backgrounds to be essential.
Prof.Cesare Cacciavilani Motta, Italy, 2015