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 | #foodselfies

celphone selfie,
15 x 15 cm

T_pf Li

nato/a a Winterthur
residenza di lavoro/studio: Winterthur, SWITZERLAND

iscritto/a dal 15 apr 2020


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Descrizione Opera / Biografia

I investigate, among other things, the eating behavior of a growing global population. Since 2009 i take food selfies from time to time. i cover up my head with healty pure food. Furthermore I make large crocheted junk food sculptures as art pieces and eye catchers. I was obsessed with junk food for years, unfortunately my body, which had been sick for 54 years, could no longer cope with this. 12 months ago i decided to change my diet and give it a try. since then i have been able to leave out all medication, some of which i had to take for over 40 years. i’m far away from beeing healthy, but i’m doing so much better (except the mental health, still live with depression and anxiety) this year i would like to start an video-interview series and if possible ask people from many different countries around the world about their eating behavior or their possibilities.
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