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tecnica mista mixed media on canvas, su tela-canvas
180 x 120 cm

Sonja Kalb

nato/a a Stuttgart
residenza di lavoro/studio: Duesseldorf, GERMANY

iscritto/a dal 21 apr 2020


visualizzazioni: 411


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Artist statement:
“The Virgin Forest IV belongs to the series “Forest”, which started in 2017 with the theme rainforest.”
I see my painting as a contrast to the fast-paced, digitalized time and the disregard of the environment. It is a statement of my understanding and concern for us all to develop more responsibility and respect for the world around us and to rediscover the importance of the sustainable protection of nature.”
Sonja Kalb
She was born in Stuttgart. Studied Textiles and
Design (Engineering Diploma) amongst other
Things. She lives and works in Düsseldorf.
In 2018 she won the Best Abstract Artwork, Italia
Award 21st Century Art,Biennale Chianciano.
In 2019 she had the Special Mention for Excellence,
Great Britain Award 21st Century Art, Biennale London.
Sonja Kalb focuses
on the essentials – the colors and how they
flow in her abstract expressionist painting. The
artist consciously excludes any use of concrete
representation. Color contrast, composition lines
and surfaces, surface structures and textures are
all elements which Sonja Kalb uses to design her
“color weaves”. The flowing interweavements in
Sonja Kalb’s artworks invite the observer to let his
thoughts wander and find expression in his own
unique conceptions. Sonja Kalb’s artworks are
continually exhibited at different solo and group
exhibitions, as well as at art fairs in Germany,
Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain,
Czechoslovakia, Great Britain, Tokyo,Turkey, Iran and
the USA. Her paintings are found in renowned
private and company collections.
”The intensely colourful paintings of Sonja Kalb
generate an immediate suction on the canvas
dragging the spectator into her works depth
activating his or her entire senses. Her paintings
can almost be tasted, felt, scented and heart.”
Stefanie Lucci
”Sonja Kalb’s entrancing opuses have the
relentless capability to offer the viewer the
illusion of utter transportation to realms of
mysterious oceanic depths or ethereal journeys
traversing a cosmos of thought and expression.
Kalb’s abstract creations truly reflect her sincere
affinity with the natural world, through which
she shares an erudite understanding of the
environment that she presents with resounding
Timothy Warrington