OPERA IN CONCORSO | Sezione Scultura/Installazione

 | ”Être au pied du mur”

”Être au pied du mur”
mixed media, in situ installation on a wall
3 x 4 meters (variable dimensions)

S_ve Favre

nato/a a Sion
residenza di lavoro/studio: La Conversion, SWITZERLAND

iscritto/a dal 21 apr 2020


visualizzazioni: 275


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

”Être au pied du mur”( French expression that means to face it’s own responsibility.) is an interactive installation made available to visitors to the fair. It is an original work that they are invited to appropriate so the public can create their own happening and decide the limits of the installation (for example, they can also invade the ground with the removable parts of the installation). The aim is to stimulate reflection on our conscious or unconscious participation in the construction and/or destruction of walls. The reflection also concerns the moment when their construction exceeds us, when it becomes out of reach, inaccessible to our direct action; then requiring a form of physical and inner ascension in order to cross these walls. In a world specifically marked last year by the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, but even more so by the development of wall constructions between peoples and countries, it is urgent to reflect on our relationship to the Wall. The use of paper as the main medium refers to the ballot, as often the construction of walls is the result of our voting or abstaining from participation in the democratic process.
At the end of the exhibition, the artist will recover all the components of the installation in their current state in order to create an intervariactiv artwork on canvas with them. Indeed, these elements represent a form of archaeological artifacts that present traces and memories of interactions.