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 | Visions of Vika

Visions of Vika
olio su tela, year 2017
90 cm x 90 cm

Joshua Deomampo Villena

nato/a a Lemery, Batangas
residenza di lavoro/studio: Batangas City, Batangas, PHILIPPINES

iscritto/a dal 08 mag 2020

Under 35

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Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Visions of Vika
What is the real window of our soul? Who we really are? What made us, us? Are we engaged only by the people by our surroundings? Or are you as positively visioned as Vika?
A young ukrainian woman with desire of living her life travelling the world, opening her window of souls to different vastness of culture and identity.
That vision, will always be in my head and will surely keep that in me, that the true peace and cooperation, is by the binding of all the people.
Joshua Deomampo Villena, born 8th of August 1999 is a Filipino of Spanish Italian descent. He comes from Lemery, Batangas but currently staying in Paranaque City for he’s taking his Bachelors Degree in Animation at iACADEMY, Makati.
Having raised from a family of artists rooting from his Grandfather, he started drawing at age of 5. By the age of 8, he started joining art competitions and that’s when his father started teaching him some techniques and basic knowledges on art. At the age of 10, he already bagged championships on National Art Competitions.
Continuing his passion for the arts, he entered Batangas Province High School for Culture and Arts taking up a specialization in Visual Arts. It is a Special Program for the Arts school funded by the government for chosen artists in Batangas.
There, his skill and talent in art was molded and gave gim the path of taking Arts as a career.
For 11 years now, at the age of 19, Joshua already joined a number of competitions and as well now with Transwing Art Gallery exhibitions in and outside of the Philippines.
Charcoal, Color Pencils, Graphite, Acrylic and Oil Paints are some of the mediums that he’d been used to. He mainly focuses on Portraitures having Eloy Morales, Robin Eley and Gottfried Helnwein as his inspirations.For several years now, Joshua had been thinking of ’look’ that he want for his paintings.
Even though it had been a struggle for him to look for his signature art style, he’s happy to finally have it early this year and start doing it.
”For me, a painting is more than a display on a wall or in an exhibit, it’s a visual figure of the artist expression of his thoughts about the world and society, a product of his imagination wanting to speak for himself and for the people of the world”, Joshua Villena is quoted.
You will see definite more of this developing young artist in the future, be it at Transwing Art Gallerys exhibit or at competitions
Artwork and application provided thorugh Transwing Art Gallery Inc. for the artist.