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 | Now, 1.3.2020

Now, 1.3.2020
installazionw di 10 fotografie stampate su carta di cotone montate su dibondinstallation of 10 photographs, inkjet print, on cotton paper mounted on dibond, white frame
80 x 200 cm

Edson Luli

nato/a a Shkoder, Albania
residenza di lavoro/studio: Milan, ITALIA

iscritto/a dal 14 mag 2020

Under 35


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 | Now, 1.3.2020

Now, 1.3.2020
installation of 10 photographs, inkjet print, on cotton paper mounted on dibond, white frame
200 x 80 cm (30 x 30 cm each)

 | The Headless Way, 2017

The Headless Way, 2017
photograph, inkjet print, on cotton paper mounted on dibond
76 x 135 cm

 | Do we need this?, 2017

Do we need this?, 2017
installation of 10 photographs, lambda print, on photographic canson infinity baryta prestige poaper mounted on dibond
30 x 130 cm (10 x 18 cm each)

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Now, 1.3.2020
Are the current global environmental changes due to human thought?
Is our way of thinking the root cause of our fragmented society?
We see it all around our life, the “choices” we make but most importantly how we approach reality and how we comunicate with it.
Can we start a real revolution from ourselves? If we can’t do it now right here with ourselves first than it remains only a metaphysical abstraction, an abstraction of an abstraction.
“The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think.” G. Bateson
The photograph is taken from an airplane in the Arctic Archipelago.
Edson Luli was born in Shkoder (Albania) in 1989, lives and works in Milan.
Thought is what precedes everything that has happened, is happening and will happen. Thought is all around us, all man-made environment and interventions are a product of our thought.
By offering the public a participative type of gaze, Luli proposes, through his practice, to explore and observe what is happening when we are engaged in the activity of thinking.
Luli’s research lies in an intersection between ontology and epistemology, the relationship between the observer and the observed and how all these factors influence and depend on each other. How can we create new and saner ways of representing and interacting with reality?
He is concerned with understanding how we evaluate, with the non-verbal, inner life of each individual, with how each of us experiences and makes sense of our experiences, including how we use language and how language uses us.
By creating logical structures, Luli tries to avoid the clashing of value structures created by metaphors and invites the viewer to engage by applying their value structures to the logical ones and create a space-time where one can doubt and explore in depth the conditioning created by the culture around us.
To create awareness of this temporal process where perceptions, abstractions, concepts and mental models arise, becomes an urgency in today’s turmoil and problematic way of thinking.
In his practice he uses different media that vary from print and photography to film and installations always maintaining a dialectical relationship between form and concept.
Luli is graduated in New Technologies of Art (BA) and in Cinema and Video (MA) at Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan.
Luli has participated in I don’t know. Let’s see! (online solo exhibition), Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani, Milan-Lucca; ARCADIA E APOCALISSE, Paesaggi italiani in 150 anni di arte, fotografia, video e installazioni, PALP, Pontedera, 2019; PASSING, Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani - Collective 62, Miami, 2019: Premio Cairo XX, Royal Palace, Milan, 2019; 16th edition of the International Photography Biennial Exhibition and Award “Gjon Mili” curated by João Ribas, National Gallery of Kosovo, Prishtina, 2019; Heavenly Creatures - Strategies of Being and Seeing, Kunsthalle West Lana, Bolzano, 2019; Art House School art residency curated by Adrian Paci, Shkoder, Albania, 2018; L’Arte nei Pixel. Videoart & Arte Contemporanea, Lucca Film Festival, Lucca, 2018; This Exhibition Will Have a Title Soon (solo show), Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani, Milano, 2017; Watch the Line While Crossing, Prometeo Gallery Ida Pisani, Lucca, 2017; Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale, Tirana and Durres, 2017; Media Art Festival, MAXXI Museum, Rome, 2017; 22nd International Onufri Prize - Stranger than Kindness, National Art Gallery, Tirana, 2016; Tirana Film Festival, Tirana, 2016; Fuori Visioni - Contemporary Art Festival, Piacenza, 2016; Talking About, MM XI, National Gallery of Kosovo, Prishtine, 2016; Combat Prize, Museum G. Fattori, Livorno, 2016; Milano Film Festival, Milan, 2015; Future Identities, Laura Haber Gallery, Buenos Aires, 2015; The rhythm of art lies somewhere in between, Bienal del Fin del Mundo IV, Chile, 2015; Hybrid Identities, Contemporary Venice, Palazzo Flangini, Venice, 2014; Pamur, Visual Arts Festival, Tirana, 2014;