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 | Beziehungsgeflecht (netting of relationship)

Beziehungsgeflecht (netting of relationship)
manual blind embossing on vat paper, fixed with threads on polyamid filament mat and cardboard, to be hang up by two fold-back clips
70 x 70 cm

Dagmar Reiche

nato/a a Dresden, Germany
residenza di lavoro/studio: Lindau, GERMANY

iscritto/a dal 03 apr 2020


visualizzazioni: 304


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 | Beziehungsgeflecht (detail)

Beziehungsgeflecht (detail)
manual blind embossing on vat paper, fixed with threads on polyamid filament mat and cardboard,
70 x 70 cm

 | Anstrengungen, gefühlt

Anstrengungen, gefühlt
12 pencil drawings mounted in a box frame,
50 x 50 x 3 cm

 | Begegnungen

pencil drawings as concertinas mounted in a box frame,
52 x 68 x 3 cm

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Regarding the artwork:
Too often we settle in our relationships: we take on our role and no longer move in other directions.The paper white of the work stands for prototypes: seating as a proxy for the distribution of roles. Intertwined with light and shadow. In every relationship.
Since early days I‘m involved in art and photography. Working as a graphic designer as well as a freelance artist provides a lot of freedom and oppurtunities to connect knowledge and creativity. So I’m often working along the border of both, for instance creating artist’s books with my paintings. I love paper with all its possibilities, using it often as my artistic ground for drawing, painting, mixed media, collages and printmaking work (especially woodcutting) as well as main material for folding, paper enginering and book work. But I also work with the fibers of bark or on wood.
I’m a member of the German Association of professional artists and awarded graphic designer. I focus on painting, printmaking and working with paper. Moreover I’m working as a book designer, paper engineer, editor and author. My main goal: interconnecting experiences and different fields, finding ways to express things with a new twist
Record of International Exhibitions
2020 »magisch fließend vielschichtig bewegt«. Municipal Gallery of Tettnang, Germany / 2019 »Licht und Schatten«. Exhibit of BBK, Hofgartensaal der Residenz, Kempten, Germany / 2019 »Licht- und Schattenseiten, 3rd Westallgäuer Fotokunstpreis 2019«; Westallgäuer Heimatverein, KornhausMuseum Weiler, Germany / 2019 »34. Grafikausstellung Senden«; Kunstverein Senden, Rathaussaal Senden, Germany / 2019 »Aktuelle Kunst im Museum«; Museum der Stadt Füssen, Füssen, Germany / 2018 Represented on the Art Miami/Red Dot (Kitz Art Galerie), 2016-2018 »Inspired by Paper« Travelling exhibit of IAPMA, Europe / 2015 »Pop-Up-Books« Exhibit in the gallery DRUCK & BUCH, Vienna, Austria / 2014 Paper works in the Fedrigoni Showroom, Vienna, Austria
Record of International Recognitions and Awards:
* German Design Award 2018
* Paperazzo Haptik Award 2018, 2017
* European Design Award (EDA) 2018, 2013
* Award Berliner Type 2017
* 8. ICMA-Award (International Creative Media Award) 2017
* Art Directors Club 2013