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 | Die Bühne des Lebens / The stage of life

Die Bühne des Lebens / The stage of life
cionotopia su tessuto/36 singole immagini cucite insieme cyanotype on fabric / picture consists 36 single pictures, which are sewn together, tessuto frame - wood
120 cm x 175 cm

Brigitte Gaggl

nato/a a Villach, Austria
residenza di lavoro/studio: Vienna, AUSTRIA

iscritto/a dal 30 mag 2020


visualizzazioni: 803


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

The observer of existence. The individual person becomes part of a group in being, in doing and in everyday life. The action, the gestures of each protagonist contributes to the overall picture. The individual merges with the surroundings and becomes a shadow figure on the stage of life.
The past moment in the analog existence of the photographer is transformed via binary codes and reconstructed using an analog technique. Divided into 36 individual images, so-called image pixels, reassembled and sewn together.
Cyanotype has been known since 1842. Along with silver photography was it one of the early processes for producing stable images. Cyanotype is an analogue negative contact process, i.e. the exposed image is the same size as the negative. To obtain large-format images, the individual images are sewn together. Thus the digital, analogue and chemical process is supplemented by a mechanical process.
Every brush stroke of the light-sensitive emulsion was applied by the photographer herself, and every single picture was exposed with sunlight and sewn by hand, every finished work of art is unique.
Livorno is a wonderful place for this picture. Because the ship finally comes back to the sea. It’s perfect.
Brigitte Gaggl - 1978, born in Villach, Austria. I live and work in Vienna and Zurich.
After studying business administration in Vienna, I trained as a photographer and videographer at the College for Photography and Audiovisual Media at Grafische XIV Vienna from 2000 onwards, followed by a master’s degree in image science at Donau Universität Krems. During my master’s thesis, I worked on journalistic war & confict photography.
Focussing on aesthetic change and visual communication of conflicts through photography, my thesis proved to be particularly valuable for my photographic work, among other things for the further development of my own visual language.
I’ve been self-employed since 2006. Leveraging my extensive experience, I’ve also worked as a lecturer in adult education (dipl. adult trainer) in Vienna and Zurich.
The passion to produce and work with pictures becomes stronger every year. Because a photograph is more than an image. It can inform, emotionalize and manipulate.