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fotografia analogicaanalog, medium format photography,
32x40 pollici- inches

Brendon Kahn

nato/a a Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
residenza di lavoro/studio: Phoenix, Arizona, UNITEDSTATES

iscritto/a dal 07 mag 2020

Under 35


visualizzazioni: 526


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Artwork Description:
Sliding Hope is from the on going body of work, The Baby Tooth Isn’t Loose, that delves into an estranged exploration of the fault lines in human nature. Today’s world is a hotbed of conflict and tension with ecological circumstances bearing catastrophic damage abetted by human negligence. Yet life survives in small symbolic tokens illuminating the existence of hope in the face of ceaseless disaster.
Biography: Southwest United States based visual artist Brendon Kahn’s work explores today’s reality where the approach to photography is navigated by a mirage in the vicinity of contrast and unsettling moments where uncanny disruptions defamiliarize our experiences with the ordinary. Guided by competition and paved by modernity’s fierce push for perfection, these strangely manufactured channels of both sincerity and surreal moments raise questions around our notions of certainty and visual faith. Using bold, sensual colors within gripping environments Kahn configures a mysterious and at times destabilizing reality for the viewer. Kahn astutely focuses in on the enigmatic perspectives he discovers, thereby revealing the subtleties and strange beauty in the visible world. With concentrated focus, he creates highly charged and psychologically captivating images of great resonance. After completing his BFA, he continues to make lens based work and won the PDNedu Grandprize for Landscape as well being a finalist for Miami Photo, HeadOn, Lenzburg Foto, shortlisted for the Lucie Foundation x Chromalux Fine Art Scholarship, winner of the Photography Award for the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize, and one of the Lensculture 2019 Emerging Artist winners.