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 | Sea foam#Save us

Sea foam#Save us
olio -oil painting, olio su tela-oil on canvas
130.3 x 180.5cm


nato/a a Seoul, South Korea
residenza di lavoro/studio: Seoul, SOUTHKOREA

iscritto/a dal 06 apr 2020

Under 35


visualizzazioni: 1039


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Sea foam is the white foam formed when the sea water crashes other matters. Sea foam is formed all of sudden on the sea only to be absorbed into it. While such a process is repeated, only the crystals would remain with the non-crystals vanished. The process would recycle to help form a whole structure that would be a solid network. Namely, the sea foam is the quintessence and origin of the sea. We start the ritual of spreading the white sea foam onto our body. Hoping that what the sea form has achieved would be carved on us.