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 | Ofelia

acrilico su tela-acrylic on canvas, linen
73 x 73 cm

Ana Schmidt

nato/a a Bochum/ Germany
residenza di lavoro/studio: Bilbao, SPAIN

iscritto/a dal 30 mag 2020


visualizzazioni: 455


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Ofelia I
acrylic on canvas, linen
73 x 54

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Artwork description
I paint dirty landscapes, artificial landscapes. These landscapes are usually located at the fringes of cities. I navigate manmade spaces to discover subject of intrigue. They are changing social environments that due to their own landscape condition, a traditional theme in art, acquire a metaphorical meaning.
“Images and symbols constitute openings towards a trans-historical world. This is not the least of their merits: thanks to them the various stories can be communicated. Water symbolizes the universal sum of the virtualities. It is fons et origo, it precedes all forms and sustain all creation” (Mircea Eliade).
Ana Schmidt is a figurative painter known for her realistic depictions of urban landscapes. Schmidt was born in Bochum, Germany. Throughout her youth, she learned the painting techniques in various workshops. When the time came to commit to a career, she opted to graduate in architecture at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona. Schmidt has received multiple awards, including in 2018 and 2015 the second and third prize of the Art Renewal Center Salon. In 2018 she also received the Columbia Threadneedle Prize for Figurative Art. Her works have been exhibited internationally – among others, in individual and group exhibitions. She currently lives and works in Bilbao.
- graduation as an architect at the Polytechnic University of Barcelona
- classified as an ARC Living Master by the Art Renewal Center
- First Award at the Columbia Threadneedle Prize 2018 at the Mall Galleries, London
- Second ARC Salon Award in the landscape category, USA, 2018
- First and third Award in the landscape category, American Art Award 2017, USA
- Third ARC Salon Award in the landscape category, USA, 2015
- Acrylicworks: Radical Breakthroughs Award, USA, 2014
- ORA Prize Award 2013 for arts, Italy
- AixeGetxo Award 2013 for arts, curated by the City Hall of Getxo, Spain
- ORA Prize Award 2012 for arts, Italy
- Honorable mention at the II Art Contest Galerias Preciados, Barcelona, Spain
- Honorable mention at the Drawing Contest Amigos de Serrablo, Sabiñanigo, Spain
- Award at the Competition for the Design of the Agustin-Square of Granada, Spain
- Mall Galleries, London, 2019 (upcoming)
- 3)5 Arte Contemporanea Gallery, 2015, Rieti, Italy
- Cervantes6 Gallery, 2015, Oviedo, Spain
- l´Occhio Gallery of Art, 2013,Venice, Italy,
- Torrene Aretoa Exhibition Space in Getxo, 2012, Spain
- Basque Architectural Association in Bilbao, Spain, 2010
- XIX Timoteo Perez Rubio Prize, Oliva de la Frontera, Spain, 2019
- The London Group, The Cello Factory, London, 2019
- Wells Contemporary, Mall Galleries, 2019
- Columbia Threadneedle Prize, Mall Galleries, London 2018
- FIGURATIVAS 2017, MEAM, Barcelona
- Winter Salon, Marshall Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, 2017
- Simon Nolte Gallery, Münster, Germany, 2016
- Salmagundi Club, New York, 2016
- Art.Fair, Cologne, 2016
- Root to Bloom, Principle Gallery, Alexandria, USA, 2016
- Museu Europeu d´Art Modern (MEAM), Barcelona, 2015
- NordArt 2015, international exhibition at Rendsburg, Germany
- Nimmesgernstarnberg Gallery, 2015, Germany
- Kölner Liste Art Fair 2015
- Art Renewal Center Salon, 2015, USA
- Invitation for exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2015, Palazzo Bembo
- (e)merge art fair, 2014, Washington DC, USA, with Ai Weiwei, artist, Beijing; Mika Yoshikate, assistant curator, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC and Jeffreen M. Hayes, director of Rebuild Foundation, Chicago, St. Loius &Omaha at the artist platform vetting committee
- Donostiartean Art Fair represented by Cervantes6 Gallery, San Sebastian, Spain, 2014
- Finalist at the Bloom Award, Cologne, Germany, 2013
- Group exhibition at the Architectural Association of Leon, Funcoal Foundation, Spain, 2011
- NordArt 2012, international exhibition at Rendsburg, Germany
- Open Work (Obra Abierta) Contest 2012, Las Claras Center of Plasencia, Spain
- Artshow Bilbao, Spain, 2011
- Palencia Art Contest 2011, exhibition at the Diaz Caneja Foundation, Palencia, Spain
- XXXVII Bancaja Art Contest 2011, Institute of Modern Art in Valencia (IVAM), Spain
- Virtual catalogue “Round Trip Words” at ARCO 2011, curated by masdearte.com
- Congress Hall of Barbastro, Spain, II Art Contest Aguas de Barbastro, 2009
- IX Art Contest UNED, Portugalete, Spain, 2009
- VII Art Contest UNED Portugalete, Spain, 2006
- Art Contest “El Periódico”, Barcelona, Spain, 1984
- VI Art Contest – Banco de Vizcaya, Barcelona, Spain,1983
- II Art Contest Galerías Preciados, Barcelona, 1983
- Drawing Contest Amigos de Serrablo, Sabiñanigo, Spain, 1983