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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Pittura

Shima Sadra | captive
vedi ad alta risoluzione

alkid oil color, canvas
100x150 cm

Shima Sadra

nato/a a Tehran

residenza di lavoro/studio: Tehran (IRAN)

iscritto/a dal 03 feb 2015


Altre opere

Shima Sadra | a line between illumination & darkness

vedi ad alta risoluzione

a line between illumination & darkness
alkid oil color, canvas
100x150 cm

Shima Sadra | Ecstatic

vedi ad alta risoluzione

alkid oil color, canvas
100x150 cm

Shima Sadra | Phoenix

vedi ad alta risoluzione

alkid oil color, wood panel
70x100 cm

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

In an exquisite and sensitive soul of a woman, trapped in a society of judgments, conflicts, coercion, imposing other’s wills, annoyance … the dream of liberation began to blossom.
Between illumination and darkness:
Groping in the darkness, the road to the illumination, finally will appear…
Ecstatic:(A poem of Rumi with Persian calligraphy camouflaged in artwork)
Where is who intoxicates my soul with no wine?The one who makes me fearless of death?The one of whom all souls are crying at dawn And where is the one whose sorrow totally has taken me away?
In Persian mythology, SIMORGH(Phoenix) was a winged creature, appears in Iranian literature and mysticism. The story recounts the longing of a group of birds who desire to know the great Simorgh, they start their journey but One by one, they drop out of the journey, each offering an excuse and unable to endure the journey. Each bird has a special significance, and a corresponding didactic fault. The birds must cross seven valleys in order to find the Simorgh. These represent the stations that a Sufi or any individual must pass through to realize the true nature of God. Eventually only thirty birds remain as they finally arrive in the land of Simorgh – All they see there, are each other and the reflection of the thirty birds in a lake – not the mythical Simorgh. It is the Sufi doctrine that God is not external or separate from the universe, rather is the totality of existence. The thirty birds seeking the Simorgh realize that Simorgh is nothing more than their transcendent totality(In Persian, the word Simorgh denotes thirty birds). As the birds realize the truth, they now reach the station of Baqa (Selflessness and Oblivion in God). The idea of God within is an idea intrinsic to most interpretations of Sufism.