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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Pittura

Neonilla Medvedeva | krasotaju ielas pagalms
vedi ad alta risoluzione

krasotaju ielas pagalms
pastels/ charcoal, paper

Neonilla Medvedeva

nato/a a Riga

residenza di lavoro/studio: Riga (LATVIA)

iscritto/a dal 09 mag 2015

Under 35


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Neonilla Medvedeva | fisherman

vedi ad alta risoluzione

charcoal, paper

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vedi ad alta risoluzione

pie Raina
pastels, paper

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vedi ad alta risoluzione

pastels/ charcoal, paper

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Neonilla Medvedeva ( 1987 ) - she is a magnetic individuality, a young, talented artist and belongs to a new generation of Latvian artists. Despite her age, she’s already managed to conquer the World of Latvian Art. Neonilla studied in Art Academy of Latvia, where in 2011 she received the Master degree in painting. In 2010-2011 she attended the Erasmus program in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
Starting from year 2006, Neonilla is actively participating in group exhibitions in Latvia, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Lithuania and Estonia. Furthermore she had organized several solo exhibitions in Latvia, Sweden and Grmany. In the year 2008 Neonilla was nominated for a scholarship by the SEB Bank, which admitted her as Best young painter. Additionally, this allowed her to participate in International Residence Art Recollects in Paris.
Her works are placed in many collections and adorn different walls of art connoisseurs. Neonilla works with various art techniques, but most of all she is keen to classic technique such as oil painting on canvas, academic drawing with Indian ink, graphics (etching and colour linocut). The subject of her works is a portrait - human figure in a relationship with the surrounding world, space and nature. Continuous communication of a human with the past, with the beyond, emphasis on the eternal values and particularly peaceful mood are clearly felt in her works. Her works are often repeated images of the past, images, having cultural significance, such as allegory, Byzantine images of angels, images of the past century - Neonilla interprets all this from the perspective of a young contemporary person.
Since 2008 Neonilla Medvedeva participated in more than 15 group exhibitions and international projects in Latvia and abroad.