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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Pittura

Betty | Position XVII
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Position XVII
oil, canvas


nato/a a Prague, Czech Republic

residenza di lavoro/studio: London (UNITEDKINGDOM)

iscritto/a dal 09 mag 2015

Under 35


Altre opere

Betty | Position XVIII

vedi ad alta risoluzione

Position XVIII
graphite, paper

Betty | Untitled

vedi ad alta risoluzione

oil, canvas

Betty | Position IX

vedi ad alta risoluzione

Position IX
oil and charcoal, canvas

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

My work expands over the media of painting, drawing and sculpture, through which I explore the connection between history and memory. I use architecture as a primary vessel for my concerns, exploring its significance as a record of history and social development and speak directly of our public awareness and aptitude towards political and social devices. In my work, architecture functions as a mnemonic device, which investigates the metaphysical process of how fragmented memory can envelop and disorientate one’s reality. The constructed spaces and furnishings are predefined for self-reflection, while at the same time exerting a power over thought and gesture of the figure. The figure in my work takes on a diagrammatic role within its environment, indicating the structure’s function to the viewer. I am preoccupied with geometric environments existing within a figure-space relationship and the intimacy that arises between them. Void of any reference to time and space, I aim to draw attention to our nostalgic relationship with our surroundings and their ability to become an obstacle in our existence.
I often pair drawings and sculpture together to further investigate my concerns. The three-dimensional element takes on the form of small-scale models, which together with their two-dimensional counterparts form a kind of architectural proposal/mockup. As I explore the concept of this hypothetical environment, I play with notions of utopia vs. dystopia and reflect upon the relationship between architecture and political ideology.