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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Fotografia

Pedro Armestre | San Fermin
vedi ad alta risoluzione

San Fermin
digital, paper
36 x 23 cm

Pedro Armestre

nato/a a Rasela

residenza di lavoro/studio: Madrid (SPAIN)

iscritto/a dal 05 mag 2014


Descrizione Opera / Biografia

A Rasela, Verín. Ourense (1972) Professional photographer since 1993. Began his career in the darkroom of the agency Europa Press and went on to work for another agency, Cover, the newspaper EL Mundo and the magazine Interviú. Has been with the international news agency Agence France-Presse since 2003, recently combining this activity with making multimedia content for television and other information channels in collaboration with www.calamar2.com. Since starting out in the profession, Pedro has worked closely with different organisations doing documentary work for the media, exhibitions, technical reports and more.Throughout his career he has shot photographic works for businesses of different stripes and diverse media outlets. Of note are his photos published around the world via AFP and other distribution channels.2003 and 2006: Tiflos Award for Photojournalism (ONCE); ‘reports’ category.2006: Photoespana. Exhibition: “La naturaleza fuera de sí”2007: Photoclima (book): Imágenes de un futuro afectado por el cambio climático (Pictures of a Future Affected by Climate Change).2007: Exhibition: “Iberia Desertizada”, Gijón2008: “H2O a toda costa” Aerial photography project highlighting the natural values of the peninsular coast and islands2008: Photoclima exhibition at the Gijón Botanic Garden. (Currently travelling)2008: “San Fermín Gavanna Lounge” International Award2008: Special mention in the 14th FOTOCAM08 Awards (for excellence in nature photography); ‘creative works’ category2008: Second prize in “Emergencias 112” for his coverage of the forest fires that swept through Spain in 20092010: Second place in the Luis Ksado Awards. “La supervivencia del mar” 2010: “La supervivencia del mar” Exhibition at the European Parliament, Brussels. 2010: “Detrás del objetivo” First incursion into the field of documentary-making. A visual document showing the desperation of the local people and the efforts of the members of the different bodies that worked to put out the forest fires which swept through Galicia.2011: Winner of the prize ”A imaxe de galicia” organised by the Professional Association of Journalists of Galicia.2011: Book: Plaza Tomada (Tomada Square).2012: Batefuegos Gold Award 2012, ‘divulgation’ category (press, video and web)2013: Honourable mention in the Pictures of the Year Latam 2013 awards, ‘environment’ category,2013: Second prize in the Estaçao-Imagem Photojournalism awards in the ‘news’ category and third prize in the ‘environment’ category.2013: Journalist Susana Hidalgo and photographer Pedro Armestre form Calamar2 and are awarded a Manos Unidas Prize for their work in social and solidarity journalism.