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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Pittura

Homa Arkani | Scrambled egg
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Scrambled egg
oil on canvas, canvas
170*100 cm

Homa Arkani

nato/a a Tehran-Iran

residenza di lavoro/studio: Tehran (IRAN)

iscritto/a dal 17 mar 2014

Under 35


Altre opere

Homa Arkani | Dance with me

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Dance with me
oil in canvas, canvas
100*100 cm

Homa Arkani | Harem

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oil on canvas, canvas
180*100 cm

Homa Arkani | Family circus

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Family circus
oil on canvas, canvas
80*120 cm

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

My ideas were sparked with a few portraits with non-conventional and ridiculous conditions which was
a reflection of the teenage generation of Iranian women, which I enter to my paintings.
Since the identity crisis of the new generation of Iranian women was and is one of my intellectual
concerns, I addressed this issue in most of my paintings. The generation who is between the limits and
rules of everyday reality and fantasy in the free and joyful swing and the boundaries between beauty
and obscenity has gradually changed to grotesque figures. As Stuart Hall said these people are in the
process of being others. They see themselves as “other” inferior of westerners. Their identity is made
through the mirror of western media. Contrary to what seems to be in appearance, they traditionally
think and act in many ways. This feeling of inferiority comes from the obsession with hormonal activity
and sexual repression.
To understand these behaviors, I became curious in their relationships to know how they act, what are
their interests and their desire. Vanity, excess, artifice and extravagance .they are the first words that
first come to our mind. Since extremes of exaggeration has become the character of this generation,
I display it in a grotesque atmosphere and give it a painting exhibition called “share me” which lasted
almost two years.
On the other hand, we see surrealistic shapes in some artworks which it also reflects the time and place
I’ve ever had and lived. Insist on loyalty to the elemental form as a unit and only element which the
meaning of painting arise from it, is also a reflection of this situation.
In my point of view, the Iranian modern art target is war of ideas or community development. It’s a
conscious creativity, fact oriented, partially oriented which is used for guiding or proving ideas to others.
On the other hand, artists facing the universal language of artistic self-expression with wide array
and variety of different visual features and in the other hand they’ve the traditional and native thus
national visual heritages. And according to the times in which the artist lives, and s/he’s inner needs
and demands would use some of these feasibilities and possibilities, but they also would give a personal
and internal coordination to it. Hence the mission of my art is excepting to current situation, perhaps it
become turbulence to my inner valve.