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OPERA IN CONCORSO  Sezione Pittura

neltenwolde | Hidden Layers I
vedi ad alta risoluzione

Hidden Layers I
oil on canvas,


nato/a a Krommenie

residenza di lavoro/studio: Melbourne (AUSTRALIA)

iscritto/a dal 08 gen 2014


Altre opere

neltenwolde | Hidden Layers II

vedi ad alta risoluzione

Hidden Layers II
oil on canvas,

neltenwolde | Salt Lake I

vedi ad alta risoluzione

Salt Lake I
oil on canvas,
84x102 cm

neltenwolde | Apparition I

vedi ad alta risoluzione

Apparition I
oil on canvas,
51x106 cm

Descrizione Opera / Biografia

Nel ten Wolde – Biography
Born in the Netherlands, I emigrated to Australia in 1985. Since then I have been based in Eltham, the artist colony of Melbourne, where I have my studio. Nowadays I also travel a lot, among other places back to Europe, and work as an artist in residence. In Melbourne, I work mainly on large and small abstract landscape paintings in oil.
Nature has always been a really important source of inspiration for me. In nature I feel free, safe and surrounded by love. That is why I have found a way to enjoy nature and at the same time use it for my work. I travel a lot around Australia and the strong influence this has had on me is reflected in my work. From the moment I landed in Australia I felt at home. Australia is a fascinating country with many different environments. The colours and aridity of Australia have been a great inspiration for my work, particularly the vast space and outstretched plains of the desert. I feel a very special connection to this ancient land and its people and seek to share this through my paintings. During my travels, I take photos and make sketches, which form the basis of the paintings I make in my studio. I use the different colours and forms of the landscape to create abstract collage compositions on the canvas. Through my work I show people the beauty of nature and try to find ways to encourage people to protect it. For example, in response to plans to build a luxury resort in one of the most beautiful national parks in Australia, Wilson’s Promontory, I created a series of paintings and held an exhibition in nearby Foster. The exhibition was dedicated to showing people the beauty of the landscape in the park, which would be destroyed if the proposed development went ahead.
I have now expanded my work, inspired by my travels through Europe, and especially Spain. I have walked thousands of kilometres through the different provinces, over old pilgrims routes and ancient Roman roads. Moving through the landscape in this way allows me to see it in an incredible amount of detail. Walking these ancient routes, I have been impressed particularly by the interaction of the landscape with the ancient architecture, which is revealed in my work. The impact of history and different cultures on the landscape, especially the Arabic and Roman, have also had significant influence on my work, as can be seen in the collage works. It is possible to find hints of the Alhambra in Granada, the Alcazar in Sevilla, the Mezquita in Cordoba, as well as of the many ancient Roman roads and bridges scattered across Spain.
The series I produced during my various artists in residencies in Spain are collages created with photos and mixed medium on paper. I juxtapose fine drawing techniques, with enlarged fragments of photos, and watercolour painting, to form abstract collages. I use a form of script throughout these works, sometimes in an explicit way but at other times in an implicit way. This is influenced by Zen drawings from Japan. The single most important influence on all of my work however, is colour. This is as a consequence of both my early formative period as an artist in the Netherlands, with its history of important painters famous for their use of colour, and development as an artist today, inspired by the vibrant colours and light of Australia and Spain.
Through my work I seek to enable viewers to experience and see more and deeper layers of the landscape.